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    Proposed Rule
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    Occupational Exposure; Bloodborne Pathogens; Human immunodeficiency virus; Hepatitis B virus
OSHA is adding a hearing site, Miami, Florida, to the bloodborne
pathogens informal hearings schedule and changing the meeting room
for the Chicago hearing. The Miami hearing will commence on December
19, 1989. Notices of Intention to Appear at the Miami hearing must
be postmarked on or before November 15, 1989; statements and
documentary evidence to be presented must be postmarked on or before
November 15, 1989. The location of the Chicago hearing has been
changed to the Indiana Room Auditorium, Amoco Building, 200 East
Randolph Drive, Chicago, Ill. For information contact Mr. James
Foster, OSHA, Office of Public Affairs (202)523-8151.