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    Final Rule
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    Air Contaminants; Nitroglycerin; Ethylene glycol dinitrate;Explosives Industry; Final Rule
Final rule; partial stay of effective date for two substances. OSHA
reduced exposure limits for 375 air contaminants on January 19,1989,
at 54 FR 2332. A stay of the new limits for nitroglycerin and
ethylene glycol dinitrate is granted to the explosives industry
until December 1, 1989. Section 1910.1000 Table Z-1-A is amended by
revising the footnote at the end of the table to read..."the
September 1, 1989 start- up date specified in 29 CFR
1910.1000(f)(2)(i) is stayed as follows: Until December 1, 1989 for
nitroglycerin and ethylene glycol dinitrate in the explosives