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    Meeting; Shipyard Employment Standards; Advisory Committee
The Committee will meet on October 11, 1989. The agenda includes
discussion of following standards. Confined Space Entry on Vessels
and in the Shipyard; Lockout/Tagout Aboard Vessels and in the
Shipyard; 29 CFR part 1915, subpart J. Ship's Machinery and Piping
System; General Working Conditions; Working committee report to full
SESAC committee on revision to subpart G, Material Handling, adding
1910.179, 1910.180, and ANSI standards; 29 CFR 1915 electrical
revision; and as time permits, 29 CFR 1915, subpart A Definitions
applicable to this section; subpart P, Fire Protection; subpart Q,
Hazardous Materials, covering 1915.211-221; subpart R, Commercial
Diving, covering 2925.231-244; subpart T, Special Industries,
covering 1915.261-263; and subpart Z, Toxic and Hazardous
Substances, covering 1915.1000-1001. 523-6617.