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    Final Rule
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    Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout); Machinery, Equipment Maintenance; Final Rule
Details safety requirements for control of hazardous energy as a new
1910.147. Addresses practices and procedures necessary to disable
machinery or equipment and to prevent the release of potentially
hazardous energy while maintenance and servicing are performed.
Requires lockout be utilized for equipment designed with a lockout
capability except when employer can demonstrate utilization of
tagout provides full employee protection. Employer may use tagout
for equipment not designed to be locked out. Standard supports and
supplements existing lockout related provisions contained elsewhere
in general industry standards by providing comprehensive and uniform
procedures to be used for complying with those provisions. Applies
to general industry employment in 29 CFR 1910 but not to maritime,
agriculture, or construction employment. Separate rulemaking to
cover oil and gas well drilling; generation,
transmission,distribution of electric power by utilities; electrical
work on electric conductors and equipment. Rule is in Subpart J of
1910; present 1910.147 redesignated 1910.150. Effective 891031,
except par.(c)(4),(c)(7), (f)(2), of 1910. 147 which contain
information requirements under review at OMB. For full text of
Standard, see OCIS database entitled OSHA Standards File.