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    Final Rule
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    Occupational Exposure to Lead; Statement of Reasons; Final Rule
This satement of reasons sets forth OSHA's determinations with
regard to the technological and economic feasibility of meeting the
permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 50 micograms per cubic meter of
air specified in the lead standard through engineering and work
practice controls in nine industry sectors: SIC 3341/3362, 5093,
2816/2819, 2816, 3312/3313, 3362/3369, 3341, 3731, 4463. OSHA has
determined that the standard is both technologically and
economically feasible in eight of the nine industry sectors. For
non-ferrous foundries, OSHA has determined 50 ug/m3 is
technologically feasible but economically infeasible. Effective date
is August 10, 1989. Compliance dates and start up dates for
individual industries are set out in Table I of paragraph (e) and
paragraph (r).