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    Final Rule
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    Air Contaminants
OSHA is amending its existing Air Contaminants standard, [1910.
1000] including Tables Z-1, Z-2, and Z3. This amendment is limited
to making more protective 212 Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL)
listed in these Tables; setting new PEL's for 164 substances not
currently regulated by OSHA; and maintaining other PELs unchanged.
Changes include revision of the PEL; inclusion of Short Term
Exposure Limits (STEL) to complement 8 hour time weighted average
(TWA) limits; establishment of skin designation; and addition of
ceiling limits as appropriate. All of the revised PELs are included
in a single new Table Z-1-A which also includes the existing OSHA
PELs under the Transitional Limits Columns. This rule effective
3/1/89; start-up date with any combination of controls is 9/1/89;
start-up date for compliance with preference for feasible
engineering controls is 12/31/92 or in certain circumstances