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    Final Rule
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    Medical Records, Access to Employee Exposure and
This revision of 29 CFR 1910.20 provides for employee, designated
representative, and OSHA access to employer-maintained exposure and
medical records relevant to employees exposed to toxic substances
and harmful physical agents. This rule incorporates essentially the
same provisions as those promulgated May 23, 1980, FR 45:35212, with
the major exceptions that: (1) first aid records and medical records
of short-term employees are exempted from records retention
requirements; (2) the microfilm storage of all employee X-rays
except chest X-rays is permitted; (3) employer trade secrets are
provided additional protection and are made to conform with OSHA's
new Hazard Communication standard; (4) union representatives are
required to show an occupational health need for requested records
when seeking unconsented access to employee exposure records; and
(5) no industries are treated separately with respect to trade
secret disclosure.