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    Final Rule
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    Asbestos, Tremolite, Anthophyllite and Actinolite
On June 20, 1986, OSHA published revised standards governing
occupational exposure to asbestos, tremolite, anthophyllite and
actinolite in general industry and construction. In these standards,
OSHA reduced the 8-hour time weighted average (TWA) permissible
exposure limit (PEL) to 0.2 f/cc but did not issue a short term
exposure limit (STEL) or excursion limit for exposure to these
materials. OSHA is now amending these rules by adding an excursion
limit of 1 f/cc average over a sampling period of 30 minutes. This
final standard will become effective October 14, 1988 except the
information collection requirements as they apply to the excursion
limit which will be submitted to OMB for approval.