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    State Standards
Approval of New Mexico (NM) State standards, Region VI, pertaining
to New Mexico's re-adoption of 29 CFR Part 1910 which applies to
both the private and public sectors, with the exception of OSHR 200,
1910. 156, which applies to the private sector only. Four omissions:
(1) Omit 1910.1; (2) Omit 1910.2(c), (d), and (e); (3) Omit 1910.4;
(4) Omit 1910.5(a) and (f). Six amendments and one addition were
also adopted. The State standards are identical to the Federal
standards. The four omissions were omitted because they are not
pertinent to the New Mexico State Plan and deal only with Federal
OSHA authority. Effective date: March 29, 1988.