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    Final Rule
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Occupational exposure to formaldehyde, 1910.1048; The following
information collection requirements contained in the final rule,
published on December 4, 1987 (52 FR 46168), for formaldehyde have
received OMB paperwork clearance: paragraphs (d)(1)(i), (d)(2),
(d)(3), (d)(4), (d)(6), (g)(3)(i), (g)(3)(ii), (l)(3), (l)(4),
(l)(5), (l)(6), (l)(7), (m)(1), (n)(3), (n)(4), and (o). The OMB
clearance expires on February 28, 1991. The hazard communication
requirements of the Formaldehyde Standard, including labeling and
material safety data sheets, paragraphs (m)(1)(i) through (m)(4)(ii)
have been disapproved by OMB. OSHA will continue to enforce the
labeling and material safety data sheet requirements of the Hazard
Communication Standard, 1910.1200 for formaldehyde. Effective date:
March 2, 1988.