Hazard Identification Training Tool

Emergency Room

You are the head of Sacred Heart Hospital, a midsized ER operating in the middle of the suburbs. Your goal is to ensure that your workers remain safe.

You must find hazards to maintain a safe workplace. There are four kinds of tools for finding hazards:

  1. Collect info - Read any information you may have (manuals, safety data sheets, OSHA data, etc.) to find hazards that have already been found by others.
  2. Inspect and Observe - Inspect equipment and areas, and observe processes and action.
  3. Involve Workers- Talk to your workers and listen to their feedback.
  4. Investigate Incidents - Whenever an incident occurs, use that as an opportunity to learn about hazards that may have been overlooked.


Hazard Identification Tools: To find hazards, you can click on equipment, people, and areas in the plant.

  • Selecting a piece of equipment gives you access to the hazard identification information and available actions related to the selected equipment.
  • Selecting a person gives you access to the "Talk" action for the selected worker.
  • You can also inspect an area of your plant. Selecting an area of the plant gives you access to hazard identification information and the Inspect action for the selected area.

If you have questions, you can access various resources from the "Game Manual".