Hazard Identification Training Tool

Construction Scenario

In this scenario, you will be managing the construction of a small convenience store through all phases of building.

You must find hazards to maintain a safe workplace. There are 4 kinds of tools for finding hazards.

  • Collect Info - Read any information you may have (manuals, safety data sheets, OSHA data, etc.) to find hazards that have already been identified by others.
  • Inspect & Observe - Inspect equipment and areas, and observe processes in action.
  • Involve Workers - Talk to your workers and listen to their feedback.
  • Investigate Incidents - Whenever an incident occurs, use that as an opportunity to learn about hazards that may have been overlooked.
  • Prioritize - Evaluate the hazards you have identified and fix the most hazardous first.


  • Hazard Identification Tools: To find hazards, you can click on equipment, people, and areas in the plant.
  • Selecting a piece of equipment gives you access to the hazard identification information and available actions related to the selected equipment.
  • Selecting a person gives you access to the "Talk" action for the selected worker.
  • You can also inspect an area of your plant. Selecting an area of the plant gives you access to hazard identification information and the Inspect action for the selected area.
  • If you have questions, you can access various resources from the "Game Manual".

Choose one of the areas, equipment or workers below to identify hazards: