Surgical Suite » Equipment Hazards


Exposure to burns or shocks from equipment (e.g., autoclaves, warming cabinets, defibrillators) that is poorly maintained and staff that are not trained on how to properly use equipment.

Recognized Controls and Work Practices

  • Maintain machines in good working order
    • Routinely monitor the condition of equipment.
    • Train employees to correctly and safely use and clean equipment.
    • Maintain adequate working space and access to equipment.
  • Visually inspect equipment before using.
    • Visually inspect cords. Do not use if frayed or damaged.
    • If something does not look right, do not use the machine. Call for assistance.
  • Ensure that all electrical service equipment near sources of water is properly grounded. [29 CFR 1910.304]
  • Adhere to all manufacturer and operator instructions to ensure safe use of equipment.

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