Patient Care Unit » Working Space


Employees might be unknowingly exposed to aerosolized chemicals and x-ray radiation that escape from neighboring patient care units, particularly when there are no walls separating units.

Recognized Controls and Work Practices

*Note: These controls and practices are required by OSHA’s PPE standards, 29 CFR Part 1910 Subpart I, or other OSHA standards when applicable:

  • Wear appropriate PPE. Do not reuse same PPE for multiple patients; remove PPE between patients.
  • Provide adequate ventilation to all rooms to remove contaminants.
  • Install adequate filters, if air recirculation is required.
  • Staff in adjoining patient spaces may need to be warned and removed if procedures such as x-rays are occurring.
  • Administer aerosolized drugs in such a fashion as to not to expose staff and patients in the area to the hazard.
  • Minimize aerosol generating procedures if possible, or perform procedures in a designated ventilated room with walls and away from other workers and patients.