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Kitchen equipment poses special hazards to food service workers. Some of these hazards include: hot surfaces, which may cause burns; cuts and lacerations from the use of sharp objects; becoming trapped in walk-in freezers; electrical shocks from contact with frayed electrical cords; and amputations from unguarded equipment.


  • Employers must assess tasks to identify potential worksite hazards and provide and ensure employee use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). [29 CFR 1910.132]
    • Employers must select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when hands are exposed to hazards such as cuts, lacerations, and thermal burns. [29 CFR 1910.138(a)]. Examples of appropriate hand protection might include the use of oven mitts, when handling hot items, and steel mesh or Kevlar gloves, when cutting.
  • Ensure that electrical equipment is free from recognized hazards. [29 CFR 1910.303(b)(1)] For more information, see Electrical Safety.

Recognized Controls and Work Practices

  • The safe handling, use, and storage of knives and other sharp utensils:
    • Keep cutlery sharpened and in good condition: dull knives tend to slip and may cause injuries.
    • Always direct the cut away from the body.
    • Keep knives, saws, and cleavers in a designated storage area when not in use.
    • Do not store the blades with the cutting edge exposed.
    • Install knife holders on work tables to prevent worker injury.
    • Do not put knives and other sharp objects into sinks between periods of use.
    • Ensure that knives are equipped with blade guards and knuckle guards that protect the hand from slipping onto the blade.
  • Use appropriate PPE and training to avoid steam burns when working with hot equipment or substances.
  • When uncovering a container of steaming materials, hold the cover to deflect steam away from the face.
  • Turn the handles of cooking utensils away from the front of the stove.
  • Ensure that walk-in freezers have a panic bar or other means of exit on the inside of the freezers to prevent trapping workers inside.

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