Emergency Department » Equipment Hazards


Injury may occur to employees from improper training or use of equipment (e.g., defibrillators). Electric shock may occur as a result of lack of maintenance or misuse of equipment and/or its controls.

Recognized Controls and Work Practices

  • Maintain machines in good working order
    • Routinely monitor the condition of equipment.
    • Train employees to correctly and safely use and clean equipment.
    • Maintain adequate working space and access to equipment.
    • Visually inspect equipment before using.
      • Visually inspect cords. Do not use if frayed or damaged.
      • If something does not look right, do not use the machine. Call for assistance.
    • Ensure that all electrical service equipment near sources of water is properly grounded. [29 CFR 1910.304]
  • Adhere to all manufacturer and operator instructions to ensure safe use of equipment.

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