OSHA eTool downloadable files

Downloading and Installing the OSHA eTools

The downloadable version of each eTool is designed to provide access to these materials without the need to be connected to the Internet. It consists of a series of Web pages specific to that product and may reference documents on the OSHA website (e.g., standards, directives, publications) or on other websites. A downloadable eTool represents materials on the Internet at the time it was created (November 6, 2001). Material may have been updated after that date. Please consult the eTools, eMatrix, Expert Advisors and v-Tools page for the most current information available for a particular eTool.

Each downloadable eTool has been assembled with a Microsoft Windows installer program. Once installed, the eTool is designed to function with various browsers and a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels. The eTools utilize JavaScript. If your browser does not support JavaScript or it is not enabled, the eTool may not function properly.

To download and install an eTool:

  • Click on the link below to download the setup file. Follow the directions to save the downloaded file to your hard drive (you may want to place it on your desktop or a similar place where it will be easy to locate). The file will be named "setup-xxxx.zip", where "xxxx" represents an abbreviated version of the eTool's name. NOTE: This file is a ZIP compressed archive. When decompressed, a Microsoft Installer executable file named "setup-xxxx.exe" will have been created.
  • Locate the setup program on your desktop or using Windows Explorer and double-click on the icon. This will start the install program. Follow the directions to install the eTool.
  • Once you have installed the eTool, an entry will have been made in your "Start" menu. You can start the eTool by selecting "Start/Programs/OSHA eTools" then selecting the specific eTool you wish to use.