FFSHC Membership

Member Information

Designated Members

Council membership consists primarily of qualified respresntatives of local area Federal agency establishments whose duties pertain to occupational safety and health, and also of representatives of local labor organizations or other civilian employee organizations. Only Federal agency members that have been officially appointed to the council have voting privileges, can hold office, and may serve as a member of any committee.

Federal agencies may designate members from any of the following categories:

  • Federal occupational safety and health professionals
  • Related Federal professionals or collateral duty personnel. This includes persons employed in professions or occupations related to or concerned witht the safety and health of employees
  • Line management officicals.
  • Representatives of recognized Federal labor or other employee organizations identified in accordance with 29 CFR 1960.68, who are employees of the agency.

There is no limit to the number of personnel in any of the above categories who may attend meetings or participate in FFSHC activities.

To be appointed to a local FFSHC, please submit a completed Membership Designation Form to the appropriate FFSHC Chairperson.

Associate Members

Representatives from non-Federal organizations who have demonstrated an interest in occupational safety and health may be granted associate membership. An Associate (non-Federal) Member may attend any FFSHC that is open to the public, but has no voting rights and may not hold any office or serve as a committee member.

To become an Associate Member, please submit a completed Associated Member Form to the appropriate FFSHC Chairperson.