• Record Type:
    OSHA Instruction
  • Current Directive Number:
    STD 01-09-001
  • Old Directive Number:
    STD 1-5.1
  • Title:
    Fire Protection System Spraying
  • Information Date:

February 14, 1972

OSHA Instruction OSHA PROGRAM DIRECTIVE #100-2 October 30, 1978 STD 1-5.1 To: National and Field Offices

Subject: Fire Protection System for Electrostatic Spraying

1. Purpose. To clarify applicability of 29 CFR 1910.107(h)(12) and to direct answers to inquiries.

2. Background. This paragraph permits other types of fixed fire protection systems to be used in lieu of sprinkler systems for the protection of electrostatic spraying areas. A number of requests for clarifications of this paragraph have been received.

3. Interpretation. The subject paragraph contains the clause "where this protection is available." this clause means that where a sufficient water supply is readily available within 50 feet or so of the spraying area in the form of an automatic sprinkler system, then the spraying area must be sprinkled. An automatic sprinkler system is the preferred protection for electrostatic spraying areas. If such facilities are not available then other automatic extinguishing systems shall be provided such as a fixed C02 system or a dry chemical system.

4. Action. Inquiries about this paragraph should be handled in accordance with this instruction.

5. Revisions and comments should be directed to the Assistant Secretary, Attn: OCSD.

6. Effective Date. This instruction is effective upon receipt and will remain in effect until canceled or superseded.

Director, of Program Operations

DISTRIBUTION: National Office Field

A/Sec. (3) Regional Administrators (6) Dep. A/Sec. (2) Area/District Offices (3) Spec. Asst (1) Training Institute (1) Directors (3) RAO (2) SOL (1) Professional Staff (1) BLS (1) Review Commission (6)

(Originator: OCSDG)