• Record Type:
    OSHA Instruction
  • Current Directive Number:
    IPC 01-00-002
  • Old Directive Number:
    ADM 3.4A
  • Title:
    Multiple Addressee Inquires
  • Information Date:

OSHA Instruction ADM 3.4A June 1, 1984 Directorate of Field Operations

Subject: Multiple Addressee Inquiries

A. Purpose. This instruction establishes procedures for handling multiple addressee inquiries received in National, Regional and Area Offices. Experience indicates a need for centralized processing to reduce the workload of responding to them.

B. Scope. This instruction applies OSHA-wide.

C. References. Inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act are processed in accordance with OSHA Instruction ADM 12-9.4B, by the Disclosure Officer having control over the 3.1A and 3.2 for additional direction in handling correspondence.

D. Cancellation. OSHA Instruction ADM 3.4, June 24, 1981, is canceled.

E. Action. Regional Administrators and Area Directors shall ensure that multiple addressee inquiries are handled in accordance with the procedures given in H. of this instruction.

F. Definition. Multiple addressee inquiries are written communications (typed, printed or handwritten letters, or other communications) sent separately to various field offices at the same time. Such communications include, but are not limited to:

1. Letters addressed "To whom it may concern."
2. Letters with the address apparently added after the body of the letter was printed.
3. Letters with copies to other OSHA offices noted somewhere in the transmittal.

G. Background. Problems have existed in the absence of a formal policy for handling multiple addressee inquiries. Recent experience indicated a need for centralized processing to reduce the response workload.

H. Procedures

1. When an Area Office receives a letter request or questionnaire, or other communication that appears to be a multiple addressee inquiry, the Area Office shall inform the Regional Office. The Regional Administrator will provide a single response if the inquiry concerns only that Region.
2. If it is determined that the request is a multi-region request, the Regional Administrator shall notify the Director, Office of Field Coordination, telephone 523-7763. The Director will determine the appropriate office within the National Office to provide a unified response.
3. Anyone contacting the Office of Field Coordination regarding a multiple addressee inquiry shall forward copies of the subject request along with any readily available information pertinent to the inquiry, as necessary, to the Director.
4. The Office of Field Coordination shall coordinate with other appropriate components of the National Office to develop a response to the inquiry. This may involve contacting Regional Offices for information.
5. The Office of Field Coordination shall furnish copies of the response to the Regional Offices that have received inquiries.

Patrick R. Tyson Deputy Assistant Secretary

DISTRIBUTION: National, Regional and Area Offices State Designees OASAM's