• Record Type:
    OSHA Instruction
  • Current Directive Number:
    CPL 02-00-009
  • Old Directive Number:
    CPL 2.9
  • Title:
    Inspections of Granted Variances
  • Information Date:



THRU: Donald E. MacKenzie, Field Coordinator

FROM: James J. Concannon, Director Office of Variance Determination

SUBJECT: Inspections of Granted Variances

Interim procedures are hereby transmitted for follow-up inspections of granted variances.

Enclosed is a list of all variances granted under Federal OSHA, and a copy of the Federal Register documents granting each variance. These items are being forwarded to the Area Directors so they can determine which variances fall within their jurisdiction. (It should be noted that the main listing contains only the headquarters address of the applicant, while the Federal Register document may contain additional worksites.) Variances issued for construction work would apply to present and future construction projects of that type performed by that company. Those in State with approved plans are not to be inspected by Federal compliance officers. The State should be informed of the existence of those Federal variances.

Inspections of these companies to verify compliance with the terms of the order should be included under the general schedule. At the discretion of the Area Director, these inspections may either be a complete walkaround or limited to the variance. Please advise the Office of Variance Determination of the results of the inspections and forward copies of violations issued.

If further guidance is needed either before or after an inspection, please contact me on FTS 523-7121.

More comprehensive procedures, as needed, will be included in the next revision of the FOM.


cc: Area Directors