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Coreslab Structures, Inc., consisting of 19 precast/pre-stressed concrete production facilities, stands as a major supplier in the structural, architectural, and hollowcore markets in both Canada and the United States. One of these 19 facilities is the Coreslab Structures based in Orlando, Florida, which is the leading pre-stressed concrete company in occupational safety and health. Safety has always been the plant’s first priority and a serious stance is taken when it comes to keeping workers safe on-the-job. The plant realized that assistance was needed in order to develop and maintain a safe workplace culture and looked to OSHA for guidance.

Coreslab Structures is the first and only pre-stressed concrete company in the United States to be a participant in both of OSHA’s cooperative programs – the Safety and Health Recognition Program (SHARP) and the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). By utilizing the sharing of knowledge, information, and tools with OSHA, Coreslab’s injury and illness rates have been zero in two out of the last three years, with no lost day accidents since the mid-year of 2006.

Success Impact:

Focus on Management Commitment and Worker Involvement Achieves Many Benefits

Through the commitment of the plant’s management and increasing active worker involvement, the plant first started pursuing participation status in SHARP in 2006. In 2007, the plant achieved a zero Days Away, Restricted, and Transferred (DART) rate and a zero Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and was awarded the SHARP flag in 2008. After seeing what a benefit it was to be a participant in SHARP, the plant decided to take on the challenge of attaining VPP status and submitted an application to the program in August 2009. Through meeting VPP’s requirements and incorporating new disciplines and worker participation into their safety and health management program, the plant achieved VPP New Star status in July 2010. Besides the reduction of injury and illness rates, increasing worker involvement in the plant’s safety initiatives also increased productivity and morale.

"When I first started working at Coreslab Structures I was pleasantly surprised
at how much emphasis and priority the company puts on safety. I have worked
at many concrete companies and construction sites and most of them put
productivity in front of safety and we all know, that is never good. Working at
Coreslab and being involved in VPP and SHARP is very refreshing. It feels good
to come to work everyday with a group of well trained individuals and know that
no matter what happens during the day everybody is always watching out for each
other. I would like to thank everybody who has made this safe workplace possible."
-- James Spears, Batch Plant Operator

The plant’s three-year DARE rate average is 54 percent below the 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) national average for this industry and their TCIR is 45 percent below the national average. The below table presents the VPP participant’s injury and illness rates between 2007 and 2009:

Year 1: 2007 0 0
Year 2: 2008 11.6 8.7
Year 3: 2009 0 0
Three-Year Rate (2007-2009) 3.8 2.8
BLS Industry National Average (2008) 8.2 5.1
Percentage Below BLS National Average (2008) -54% -45%

"Through many hours of training, our employees have become fully aware
of our safety programs, OSHA requirements and safety expectations. We
strive to have a fully educated and safety conscious group of employees who
recognize and support our safety culture, and feel our commitment to be the
best in safety."
--Michael Harrison, General Manager

Location of VPP Participant: Orlando, Florida

Date Received VPP Recognition: July 2010

US NAICS Title (NAICS Code): Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing (3273)

Number of Workers: 24

Source (Date): Matthew Metz, Coreslab Structures, Inc.; Danielle Gibbs, OSHA’s National Office (October 2010)