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Four Years of Injury-Free Operations at Spruce Park Auto Body Incorporated

Lewis Charles Perrault, President of Spruce Park Auto Body
Lewis Charles Perrault,
President of Spruce Park Auto Body
At Spruce Park Auto Body Incorporated, safety and health management is the cornerstone of the company’s formula for success. The auto body paint shop, located in Anchorage, Alaska, currently employs 27 people and operates a safety and health program so effective that zero injuries have been reported since 2001— and even then Spruce Park’s TCR was below the 4.3 industry average for automotive repair and maintenance. (A firm’s TRC rate represents the number of injuries and/or illnesses each year per 100 full-time workers.)

Spruce Park received its first OSHA Onsite Consultation visit in October 2001 after hearing about the program from an Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Program enforcement officer. The company’s introduction to Consultation was so influential, and sparked such a deep level of interest and commitment among the Spruce Park management team, that it began requesting annual Onsite Consultation walkthrough visits to ensure that the establishment’s worksite was healthy and safe.

Employees of Spruce Park fully support the company’s safety and health culture – even without special incentive programs used by many companies to persuade employees to work more safely. Lewis Charles Perrault, President of the company, noted that commitment to safety and health is exemplified during monthly departmental meetings, which include a standard agenda-item covering company-wide safety and health issues. This provides a regularly scheduled forum for safety and health information sharing among employees and between management and employees. To further reinforce the company’s safety and health philosophy, and to encourage buy-in among all employees, regular safety and health meetings are held where workers have an opportunity to voice their safety and health concerns and receive assurance that real action will be taken to resolve issues brought to the table.

Working over time with the Alaska Onsite Consultation Program, Spruce Park was accepted into OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). The SHARP program recognizes small employers who operate an exemplary safety and health management system. While in SHARP status, employers are exempted from OSHA’s programmed inspection list. Having now been in the program for several years, Spruce Park’s SHARP status was last renewed for a two-year period in December 2003.