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Cameron Glass of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a prototyping and fabrication company of glass products for automotive, agricultural, and construction equipment was awarded its third Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) certificate by the Oklahoma OSHA On-site Consultation Program on March 14, 2006. Diana Jones, Director of OSHA’s Oklahoma Consultation Program explained during the ceremony, "Cameron Glass received their SHARP certification due to the dedication and commitment of the company in providing a safe workplace, as well as because of the employees who made it happen. I want to thank Cameron Glass for going the extra mile in making it one of the safest places to work."

Cameron’s safety manager, Alex Skotarek stated, "Any company seeking to significantly improve its safety system and expect immediate results in the long-term prevention of job-related injuries should highly consider OSHA On-site Consultation." He reports that since Cameron began working with the Consultation program, the company reduced the number of OSHA recordable accidents from twenty (20) in 2001 to four (4) in 2005, which has resulted in a decline of 80 percent. Most recently, Cameron has further reduced injuries and illnesses in 2006 versus those in 2000 by 82 percent. "We did it by implementing an effective safety and health management system and by fostering a safety culture that is prevention driven, understood by all, and practiced throughout the company," said Mr. Skotarek.
Cameron Glass Company, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Cameron Glass Company, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Moreover, beginning in 2004 Cameron has worked to achieve consistent monthly incident reductions. Over a two-year period, Cameron’s frequency of incidents has declined by 87 percent. Significant for the company’s bottom-line, Cameron has also reduced its worker’s compensation experience modifier index each year – from 1.01 percent in 2003 to 0.78 percent in 2006-07.

Mr. Skotarek described working with the On-site Consultation Program and becoming a SHARP company as a positive experience. He stated, "I have had the pleasure of working with the Consultation Program for almost six years and I would not hesitate to recommend them. They are very positive, extremely helpful, have helped us significantly reduce (our) medical costs, and have helped shape comprehensive improvements to our safety system," adding "they are professional, provide recommendations for improvement, and are readily available to discuss and resolve any OSHA safety issues or concerns." He also noted that Cameron Glass is so committed to the program that they promote OSHA On-site Consultation Services and SHARP on the company’s website (

Cameron Glass, which now employs 100, began operations in 1978, serving only one customer in one market at that time. Now, twenty-nine years later, customer-by-customer and market-by-market, Cameron has gained national recognition for its outstanding quality and on-time delivery. The company provides glass products for well recognized names, such as John Deere, Caterpillar, and Komatsu. Additionally, Cameron manufacturers glass backboards for the manufacturer of National Basketball Association basketball goals.