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Success with Ergonomics
Springs Window Fashions

State: Pennsylvania
Company: Springs Window Fashions
  Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Industry: Manufacturing - SIC Code 2591
Employees: 850

Success Brief: Spring Window Fashions, a participant in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs, replaced heavy steel parts in machine press dies with light-weight aluminum, resulting in greatly reduced injuries to employees who must hand position the dies into the press.

The Problem

Machine press operators experienced sprains, strains, and cuts when changing dies in machine presses. Each of the single ram cut-off dies weighed approximately 25 pounds and had to be positioned by hand into the press.

The Solution

The heavy steel die parts were replaced with light-weight aluminum, reducing overall weight and making the die much easier to handle.

The Impact

In the past year, there has not been a single compensable injury from performing this task.

Source: Dell Pratt, Safety and Security Manager (April 2003)
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