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OSHA's Area Offices in Florida joined construction companies in a state-wide effort to educate construction workers about the serious dangers of heat illness when working outdoors. Companies stopped work on job sites around the state on August 15, 2011 to share information with their workers about preventing heat-related illness.

OSHA also held a seminar on heat illness prevention on August 12, 2011 to provide employers in South Florida with resources to teach their workers about the importance of staying hydrated during the hot summer months, taking frequent and regular rest periods, and taking those breaks in shaded areas. Many of these resources are available on OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention page

As of February 2012.

OSHA Teams With Florida Construction Companies to Promote Heat Illness Prevention

OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist Vergie Bain (left) meets with 250 construction workers on August 15, 2011 at a Bal Harbour, Florida, work site to discuss preventing heat-related illnesses