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    Title: Contractor Safety: Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety
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    • Problem: How to improve safety performance of Dow’s contractors
    • Solution
      - Formation of Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety (TOCAS) made up of senior managers
         from Dow and contractors
      - TOCAS basic elements are similar to elements of a safety and health management system
      - TOCAS committees provide training for and analyze performance of all first line supervisors and
         safety contacts
    [Includes the Alliance and OSHA logos]

    Speaker Notes:

    Contractor Safety Case Study: Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety (TOCAS) at Dow Facility in Freeport, Texas (Sep. 2008)

    Problem: How to improve safety performance of contractor firms at Dow’s Texas Operations in Freeport, Texas. Dow’s efforts to reach out to the contractor firms at this facility in the early 1990s were not effective because the safety managers from the contractor firms had difficulty convincing their management to implement changes to their safety and health programs.

    Solution: Dow realized that safety discussions with contractor firms would be more productive only if the firms’ management participated. To that end, Dow and the contractor firms formed the Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety (TOCAS) in 1995. TOCAS includes managers from Dow and its contractors. The contractor representatives on TOCAS are the decision makers that can commit their companies to safety programs, employee involvement, and other actions.

    The basic elements of TOCAS are similar to the critical elements of an effective safety and health management system: management commitment and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and training. In conjunction with Texas Operations, TOCAS establishes annual recordable injury performance goals that include Dow and contractor employees.

    TOCAS established several standing committees, including a Training Committee that provides safety and health training for all first line supervisors and safety contacts two times a year. The Coaching for Safety Committee analyzes the performance data for each first line supervisor and safety contact. This committee identifies the bottom 10 percent of performers and provides them with tools to help them improve their performance.

    TOCAS and Texas Operations also train every contractor employee in the Safe Behavior Process, which is designed to identify and then eliminate or control hazards. In 2003, Dow implemented a global Contractor Safety Standard that defined the responsibilities for managing the activities of non-Dow personnel who provide services on Dow property. The activities of TOCAS are aligned with the global corporate requirements.