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    Title: Ergonomics: The Dow Chemical Company’s Use of "Six Sigma" Methodology
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    • Results
      - MSD risk factors reduced by 64% since baseline
      - Employees more proactive in addressing ergonomic issues
      - Sustainable results
      - Reduced severity in ergonomic injuries company-wide
    [Includes the OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    Ergonomics Case Study
    • Results:
      • 64 percent reduction in MSD risk factors since the baseline measurement and 45 percent reduction overall at the DDC business unit.
      • DDC’s employees are more proactive in addressing ergonomic issues and have a better understanding of the personal benefits of ergonomics.
      • As a result of the Six Sigma methodology’s emphasis on long-term control, there is an ongoing process that will help DDC sustain its results and continue to improve.
      • As improvements have been implemented throughout Dow, the severity of ergonomic injuries has declined. In 2001, 53 percent of Dow’s ergonomic injuries resulted in lost work time or advanced medical treatment. In 2003, only 30 percent of ergonomic injuries were this severe.