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    Type: Text Slide with Images
    Content: July 1999 crane collapse caused the deaths of 3 construction workers. [Three images included. First, word art image stating "3 workers killed". Second, photo of stadium hours before collapse of "Big Blue". Third, photo after collapse of "Big Blue".]

    Video Clip [WMV* - 2.8 MB]
    This video taken by an OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officer shows the collapse of a crane known as "Big Blue" in July 1999 during construction of Miller Park baseball stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Three workers were killed as a result of the collapse. The 567-foot crane bent and collapsed while lifting a 400-ton section of a retractable roof.

    Speaker Notes:

    Discuss what happened at the site.

    • In July 1999 three workers were killed in a crane collapse during the construction of Miller Park baseball stadium in Milwaukee.
    • OSHA is issuing willful and serious citations against three firms, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc., Lampson International Ltd., and Danny's Construction Company, Inc., with proposed penalties of $240,500, $131,300, and $168,000 respectively.
    • OSHA's investigation focused on general requirements relating to safe operation of cranes and personnel platforms as well as conditions which may have contributed to the crane collapse. The citations relate to several alleged OSHA violations at the time of the crane collapse as well as unrelated conditions which existed earlier in the day.
    • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, under contract with the project's general contractor HCH, was responsible for installing the retractable roof for the Miller Park baseball stadium and subcontracted with Danny's Construction as the ironworker subcontractor to erect the roof, and Lampson as the subcontractor providing crane services on the project. The collapse occurred while the crane known as "Big Blue" was lifting a section of the stadium roof, "4R block 3," weighing over 450 tons.
    • OSHA issued willful citations to Mitsubishi alleging that the crane's rated load was exceeded when 4R block 3 was first lifted off the ground during the morning of the lift; that workers were not kept clear of the suspended 450 ton load during the morning of the lift and that workers were hoisted in personnel platforms when weather conditions where dangerous.

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