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    Type: Text Slide with Three Images
    Content: A number of stadiums were build in the past few years in Region 5. [Three photos of stadiums in Region 5.]

    Speaker Notes:

    SPEAKER: Explain what's going on with stadium construction and why it is so hazardous.

    Over the past 5 years several stadiums have been built in Region 5. Miller Park baseball stadium was built in Milwaukee, Paul Brown football stadium in Cincinnati; and Great American baseball park in Cincinnati.

    These are huge construction projects -- and can have hundreds of construction workers on one site at any one time. Needless to say, these jobs are hazardous, and if adequate safety measures are not taken -- serious events can occur.

    A review of these projects will explain how one site suffered a catastrophic event and how safety projects at the other sites resulted not only in preventing employee deaths, but financial benefit to the owners.