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Are you ready to learn more about how to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but arent sure where to start? By following this step-by-step guide, you can identify many of the major OSHA requirements and guidance materials that may apply to your workplace. Small and new businesses may find Quick Start helpful as an introduction to the compliance assistance resources on OSHA's website.

This Quick Start feature is not comprehensive there may be additional OSHA standards and guidance materials that also apply to your business. If you are in a state with an OSHA-approved state program, you are subject to state occupational safety and health regulations that may have more stringent or supplemental requirements. These state programs also provide compliance assistance services. Please contact your state program for additional information. In addition, you can request a free, confidential on-site consultation from the OSHA On-site Consultation Program.

Please read this DISCLAIMER before proceeding.

General Industry General Industry. This module applies to workplaces that are subject to OSHA's general industry standards, including manufacturing, wholesale, and retail establishments. OSHA's general industry standards also may apply to any industry to the extent that they supplement specific standards for an industry.
Construction Industry
Construction Industry. This module applies to employers and workers engaged in construction work, which OSHA defines as construction, alteration, and/or repair, including painting and decorating (29 CFR 1910.12(b)).
Health Care
Health Care. This module applies to employers and workers in the health care field.
Hispanic Outreach Hispanic Outreach. This module helps employers with a Spanish-speaking workforce identify the Spanish-language outreach resources on OSHAs Web site. While this module includes links to Spanish-language resources, it is intended primarily for English-speaking and bilingual users.