Office of Construction Standards and Guidance

Room N3468, 200 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210 | 202-693-2020 | 202-693-1689


"To provide workplace construction standards and regulations to ensure safe and healthful working conditions in conjunction with providing for the development of comprehensive compliance programs for internal and external stakeholders applicable to the construction industry."

  • Advises and assists the Director in the development and implementation of policy and plans for construction standards and regulations.
  • Gathers relevant information and performs analyses on recommendations for development of new and modified construction safety standards. Actively participates on national consensus and other standards-setting committees and boards as a technical resource and to maintain liaison for the agency.
  • Provides consultation and information on construction standards.
  • Coordinates office activities with other National Office Directorates and with Regional Administrators.
  • Cooperates with and assists the Directorate of Standards and Guidance in developing and promulgating safety and health standards policies that impact the construction industry.
  • Ensures that client groups affected by OSHA's activities in the construction field are given adequate and appropriate information and notice regarding the Agency's activities and represents the construction program interests in other Agency programs.
  • Develops and updates Standard Alleged Violations Elements (SAVE's) for the construction industry.
  • Performs technical reviews of variances, petitions, national interpretations and other documents related to construction safety standards.
  • Provides program and policy recommendations relating to compliance activities in the construction industry.
  • Develops realistic and effective OSHA enforcement programs for the construction industry and participates in incorporating these programs into comprehensive programs for inspections and investigations undertaken by field compliance offices. Develops pertinent regulations, procedures, manuals and instruction as necessary.
  • Provides technical assistance, compliance guidelines, interpretations and clarifications of occupational safety and health standards involving the construction industry.
  • Participates in the maintenance of the Field Inspection Reference Manual; and as it relates to construction develops other construction industry regulations, procedures and instructions.
  • Reviews documentation involving construction industry compliance issues arising in States operating OSHA-approved State Plans upon request from the Directorate of Cooperative and State Operations and/or Regional Administrators or the States.
  • Coordinates with the Office of the Solicitor on the legal implications of compliance decisions, abatement methods, interpretations and provisions of standards, policy and procedures relating to the construction industry for modification, change or addition of or policies.
  • Screens construction cases to decide litigation action. Reviews construction case files for technical accuracy, adequacy, and legal sufficiency.
  • Evaluates and synthesizes field recommendations in construction program areas to ensure that programs are responsive to field needs and capable of field implementation.
  • Reviews all proposed program plans, standards and procedures developed by the National, Regional and Area Office staffs which affect construction field operations to ensure that provisions of the documents are responsive to construction industry needs and capable of field implementation.