Office of Construction Services

Room N3468, 200 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210 | 202-693-2020 | 202-693-1689


"To provide construction safety assistance to all agency components and plan and manage a program working with the construction industry to enhance safety awareness and reduce construction accidents."

  • Establishes and maintains contacts at all levels of management and labor in the construction industry to facilitate communication and enhance general safety awareness.
  • Provides liaison with the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health by interacting with the committee and providing technical and program information regarding the Agency's activities in the construction field and soliciting input for decision-making.
  • Maintains technical liaison with appropriate agencies, consensus standards groups and other professionals in the construction industry in the technology involved in construction safety and health programs in order to evaluate new techniques and recommend those which are most effective ad efficient for OSHA application.
  • Ensures that client groups affected by OSHA's activities in the construction field are given adequate appropriate information and notice regarding the Agency's activities and represents the construction program interests in other Agency's programs.
  • Coordinates with the Office of Training and Education to provide technical data needed for training programs and educational material in the construction field.
  • Keeps abreast of workplace technological developments involving construction industry practices and specific work processes in order to advise OSHA programs offices of their impact on existing standards, priorities and procedures.
  • Coordinates demonstration and experimental projects related to construction.
  • Provides technical assistance in developing comprehensive programs for construction occupational health compliance and incident investigation activities.
  • Coordinates with the Directorates of Enforcement, and Standards and Guidance, the development and maintenance of policies, procedures, instruction and directives for the agency's construction industrial hygiene programs.
  • Coordinates with and provides assistance to the other regulatory agencies on the implementation and enforcement of major construction laws and standards.
  • Coordinates OSHA policy regarding construction occupational injury and illness statistics; advises and consults with key OSHA officials on safety and health issues and provides data analysis for decision making at the policy level.
  • Coordinates targeting strategy for directing construction safety and health inspections conducted by Federal OSHA and States with State Plans under Section 18 b/e of the OSH Act of 1970 to construction projects and contractors with high rates or large numbers of occupational fatalities injuries and illnesses.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of nationwide construction targeting programs to meet agency needs.
  • Conducts specialized surveys using quantitative or statistical methods to facilitate research on specific construction safety and health issues.
  • Maintains liaison with NIOSH and BLS to obtain construction injury and illness data.
  • Provides statistical and analytical support to organizational components of the agency to aid in long-term planning and analysis for the construction industry.
  • Reviews internal and external data bases to evaluate construction industry data.
  • Reviews the construction data maintained on the IMIS database and makes recommendations for information to be added or removed.