Region 6 - Alliance Annual Report - August 27, 2012

T & T Staff Management, Inc. #110
511 Executive Center Blvd.
El Paso, TX 79902


    Date Signed: January 8, 2004 and resigned on August 14, 2007, August 25, 2009 and renewed on September 2, 2011.


    Alliance between the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration and T & T Staff Management, Inc. was established as a collaborative relationship to foster a safety and more healthful workplace for Americans working in the construction industries. The goal of the Alliance is to save lives, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to construction hazards such as falls from elevations, struck-by and caught-in-between objects, and electrocution

    Joann J. Figueroa/OSHA Area Director, Thad Steele, President T & T Staff Management Inc., Cindy Pacheco, Workers Compensation/Safety Manager, Abraham Arzola, Compliance Assistance Specialist


    Cindy Pacheco, Workers Compensation/Safety Manager

    Evaluation Period

    This report covers September 2011 to August 2012

    Implementation Team Meetings

    October 6, 2011, June 28, 2012; September 20, 2012

    Training and Education

    • September 2011 to September 2012
      • New Hire Safety Orientations (Construction, General Industry, Food Service, Home Health)
      • Youth Outreach General Industry Training
      • 10 Hour Outreach Training
      • Powered Industrial Truck Operator Safety Training (Rough Terrain, G.l.)
      • Confined Space Training
      • Hazard Communication Training
      • Aerial Lift I Scissor Lift Training
      • Scaffolding Training
      • Trenching I Excavation Training
      • Emergency Evacuation Training
      • Skid Steer Training
      • CPR I First Aid Training
      • Hand & Power Tool Training
      • Ladder Safety Training
      • Safe Lifting Training
      • Cuts & Strains Training
      • NSC Certified Flagger Training
      • Fall Protection Training
      • Personal Protective Equipment Training
      • MSHA 8hr Refresher Training
    • September 2011 to September 2012
    10 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Tool Box Safety Training Handouts for use in the Construction Industry. Topics include:
      • Trenching and Excavation/Zanjas y Excavaciones
      • Extension Ladders/Escaleras de Extension
      • Focus Four Hazards/Cuatro Mayores Riesgos
      • Full Body Harness/Ames de Cuerpo Completo
      • Hazard Communication/Comunicacion de Riesgo
      • Health Hazards in Construction/Peligros de Salud en La Construccion
      • Safe Lifting Techniques/Tecnicas Seguras Para Levantar Cargas
      • Step Ladders/Escaleras de Tijera
      • Roofing Fall Protection/Proteccion de Caidas de Techos
      • Single Ladders/Escalera Sencilla
    All Tool Box Safety Trainings were placed on our website, and are available for immediate download to any employer in the world with access to the internet.

    Outreach and Communication
    • September 2011 to September 2012
      • School Cafeteria Safety Orientation was reviewed by SISD district and they are utilizing it for their district employees as well
      • Established web links on T&T website to OSHA and NSC websites
      • On staff safety representative-Certified in Flagger Instructor training
      • Safety Representative completed requirements to become CSHO
      • Continue to sponsor the lighted "Star" on the mountain which will be used to promote and represent employee safety in El Paso.
      • Continue presenting General Industry safety orientation to youth ages 14-19 years old
      • Distributed GSA/Nail Gun Safety OSHA educational materials to various El Paso based companies and provided materials to walk-ins
      • Abraham Arzola (Compliance Assistance Specialist) gave a presentation on OSHA’s new Globally Harmonized System to members of T & T Staff Management, Inc., on June 26, 2012.
      • Hosted an “OSHA Meet and Greet” for local companies to various El Paso companies regarding hot topics in the construction industry. Joann Figueroa (Area Director), Diego Alvarado (Assistant Area Director) and Abraham Arzola (Compliance Assistance Specialist) presented: El Paso Area Office Overview, OSHA Statistics, Compliance Assistance, OSHA Penalties and Preventing Falls in Construction.
    Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health
    • Continue to dialog with OSHA Education Centers in Region VI to try and expand safety training in English and Spanish for the El Paso, Far West Texas region.
    • Continue partnership with the University of South Florida OSHA Training Institute in providing web links offering on-line OSHA 10 & 30 hour course.
  4. Results

    Using the table below, list each activity and the number of individuals reached or trained during the reporting period.
    New Hire Safety Orientations:
    English 1116, Spanish 1584, Total: 2700
    Youth Outreach Safety Trainings:
    English & Spanish Total: 200+ (ongoing)
    10 Hour Outreach Training:
    English 4; Spanish 73, Total: 77
    Youth 10 Hour Outreach Training:
    English 0; Spanish 0, Total: 0
    Electronic Billboard/Marquee- Safety Slogan Campaign:
    This Electronic Billboard reaches literally thousands of commuters weekly. Number of workers affected: 1000 + weekly** (**not included in total below)
    All Other Safety Trainings Provided: Powered Industrial Truck Operator Safety Training (Rough Terrain, G.L); Confined Space; Hazard Communication; Aerial Lift I Scissor Lift; Scaffolding; Trenching & Excavation; Emergency Evacuation; Skid Steer; CPR/First Aid; Hand & Power Tool; Ladder; Safe Lifting; Cuts & Strains; Fall Protection; Personal Protective Equipment; MSHA 8hr refresher, Flagger training;
    English & Spanish Total: 691
    Total Trained:

    T & T Staff Management, Inc. has enjoyed a 25 percent reduction in injury claims for their own employees throughout the duration of this alliance.
    • Renew Alliance in 2012
    • Continue Youth Outreach
    • Continue Public Awareness through Marquee Sign-Safety Messages
    • Partner with OSHA Education Center(s)
    • Kick-off City-Wide Billboard Campaign
    • Implement On-line Web Based New Hire Safety Orientation
    • Schedule Free OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Sessions
    • Host an OSHA/Safety event open to the general public
    • CSHO Certification for T&T safety personnel-mid 2013