Region 6 - Alliance Annual Report - November 21, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Oklahoma City Area Office
And the
Mid Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network (MCEPS)
November 21, 2017

Report prepared by:
Jorge A. Delucca, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist
Oklahoma City Area Office

  1. Alliance Background

    1. Date Signed

      Originally signed on September 9, 2007 and last renewed April 20, 2017.

    2. Evaluation Period

      November 22, 2016 to November 21, 2017

    3. Overview

      The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Oklahoma City Area Office, Oklahoma Department of Labor, and MCEPS continue to recognize the value of maintaining a collaborative relationship to foster safer and more healthful American workplaces. To that end, OSHA, ODOL Consultation, and MCEPS hereby renew the alliance signed on September 9, 2007 and renewed April 20, 2017, with a continued emphasis on promoting worker awareness of industry-related hazards and solutions in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Specifically, OSHA, MCEPS, and ODOL/CON are committed to providing MCEPS members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect the health and safety of workers and understand the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). Through the Alliance, the organizations will continue to address work-related injuries and fatalities.

    4. Implementation Team Members


      David Bates; Oklahoma City Area Director
      Jorge Delucca; Compliance Assistance Specialist, Oklahoma City Area Office

      Oklahoma Department of Labor

      Melissa McLawhorn Houston; Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor
      John Dyer; Assistant Safety & Health Director

      Alliance participant

      Kevin Ediger; President (Chesapeake Energy Company)
      Jennifer Martin; Vice President (QES Pressure Control)
      Jenny Sloan; Secretary (TPS Alert)

      Executive Committee:

      Jorge Delucca; OSHA
      Rene Soto; Aztec Safety solutions
      Gary Hanson; Mid Century Energy
      Tara Porter; Canadian Valley Technology Center
      Chance Odom; Insurica
      Ben Kokojan; SJL Well Service, LLC

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    • The Board members and Executive Committee met the fourth Thursday of each month

    In addition to these formal meetings, the Alliance coordinators from both groups maintained regular contact, via electronic mail, throughout the reporting period to monitor the Alliance's progress and results.

  3. Results

    The following table summarizes the Alliance's activities in support of the goals in the Alliance agreement.

    Raising Awareness of OSHA's Rulemaking and Enforcement Initiatives:

    Activity Type Activity Name/Summary OSHA Areas of Emphasis Supported Number Reached
    Alliance Product No Activities Oil and gas


    Via email

    12/12/2016: OSHA Enforcement Guidance for Oil and Gas Extraction Industries

    1/20/2017: OSHA Slides from MCEPS meeting on 1/19/2017


    5/3/2017: Remembering the May 3, 1999 tornado (article by Jorge Delucca)

    6/16/2017: OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention Campaign

    7/17/2017; Hazards Alerts and Free Employer Training

    Oil and gas

    O&G fats; OSHA penalties; Recordkeeping; walking working surfaces

    Tornado safety


    HOTDAYS; Fair Labor Standard Act; Family Medical leave Act







    Event DOL Free Employer Forum OSHA; WHD; OFCCP; EBSA; VETS


    Exhibit No Activities Oil and gas


    OSHA Product Review No Activities Oil and gas



    10/20/2016: David Bates, AD, gave update on fatalities in Oklahoma in FY 2016. He also announced the OSHA oil and Gas Conference on November 29-30, in Houston. Joe Howard, from Wicks security Advisors, gave a presentation on Oilfield Theft and Securing the Field.

    11/29/2016: David Bates, OCAO AD, Susan Lobsinger, Kathy Willingham, Joyce Ryel and Rachel Steely gave a presentation on "Changes to OSHA Recordkeeping Rule & Post Accident Drug Testing Impacts" to 125 attendees of the 2016 OSHA Oil & Gas Conference at Houston, TX.

    11/30/2016: David Bates, OCAO AD, and Marianne McGee, CAS CCAO, gave an OSHA Update to 75 attendees of the 2016 OSHA Oil and Gas Conference at Houston, TX.

    11/30/2017: Carmen Martinez, AAD, OCAO, and Jason Bogeel, Devon Energy company, gave a presentation on "The OSHA vs Industry Investigation Process."

    1/19/2017: Jorge Delucca, CAS, gave an update on BLS statistics of U.S. Oil Patch Fatality rate, 1993 to 2015; Region 6 oil and gas fatality rate, 2014 to 2016. OSHA penalties as of January 15, 2017. Update to walking working surface rule.

    David Bates, AD, gave presentation about Region 6 and National Oil Patch Fatality rates. He also discussed the OSHA memorandum "Enforcement Guidance for Upstream oil and Gas Extraction Industries."

    Andrew Baker, QES Pressure Control, talked about effective communications.

    Jennifer Martin, QES Pressure Control, shared her experience of "Getting the Phone call" when her 16 year old son was killed in an auto accident.

    2/16/2017: Jerry West from OKIE811 talked about the importance of calling his organization before digging to have underground utilities marked and avoid accidents. Jorge Delucca, CAS, described an accident he investigated for OSHA in Dallas where three homes were destroyed by fire, and a person was fatally burned during horizontal gas line drilling operation, and existing utilities were not marked.

    Carmen Martinez, AAD and Jeremy Patman, Devon Energy, gave a presentation on "The OSHA vs. Industry Investigation Process" about the similarities between how OSHA and Devon Energy investigate accidents.

    David Bates, AD, gave a presentation about Region VI and the National Oil Patch Fatality rates. He also discussed the OSHA memorandum "Enforcement Guidance for Upstream oil and Gas Extraction Industries."

    3/16/2017: David Bates, AD and Jorge Delucca, CAS, attended a Mid Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network (MCEPS) meeting/

    Deren Boyd from HazardScout discussed the importance of data analysis for safety programs.

    David Bates talked about upcoming activities which included: (1) Department of Labor Forum on March 28 where OSHA, WHD, EBSA, OFCCP and VETS will provide free training on their regulations; (2) Safe + Sound where employers can show their commitment to safety through Management Leadership, Worker Participation, and Finding and Fixing Workplace hazards (June 12-18); and (3) The National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent falls.

    Joyce Ryels, a member of the committee revising API-54 "Occupational Safety and Health for Oil & Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations" explained how the standard is being rewritten so it will be more user-friendly.

    Representatives of the American Red Cross gave a presentation about Disaster Services, how the Red Cross plans, responds, and assists communities recover from disasters. The representatives stated that 90% of their responders are volunteers.

    4/20/2017: David Bates, AD and Jorge Delucca, CAS, attended the April 2017 meeting of the Mid Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network.

    Jenny Sloan, MCEPS secretary gave a Safety Minute on substance abuse

    David Bates, Melissa McLawhorn Houston (Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor) and Kevin Ediger (MCEPS President) signed the renewal between MCEPS, OSHA and Oklahoma Department of Labor.

    David Bates talked about the April 28th Worker Memorial event at the State Capitol as well as the May 11 safety classes, which are free and open to the public, as part of the National Stand Down to Prevent Falls in the Workplace

    Hal Cox, Safety Investigator for Oklahoma Highway Patrol discussed the difference between intra and interstate commerce and federal and Oklahoma requirements for drug and alcohol testing and limits on hours driving vs. rest.

    5/18/2017: David Bates, AD and Jorge Delucca, CAS attended the May 2017 meeting of the Mid Continent Exploration and production safety network (MCEPS).

    Brendan Costello, PEC Safety, explained SAFELAND USA for US onshore and EP industry 3,000 instructors.

    David Bates, OSHA, gave OSHA Update to include a report of results of the events in Oklahoma of the National Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. David provided a video of the deputy Director of the OSHA Construction Directorate, Scott Ketchum, talking about his personal experience with a fall at a workplace.

    John Dyer, Oklahoma Department of Labor, gave an update about OSHA Consultation.

    Gary Davis, Speaker and safety professional, spoke about his personal experience with a fall from an oil rig 150 feet tall, and his injuries.

    6/15/2017: David Bates, AD, discussed a recent fatality in the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, which was a result of the worker being struck-by a piece of equipment that broke during work process, as well as the need to inspect equipment prior to use.

    David Bates also discussed additional heat illness prevention techniques, with emphasis of acclimatization of employees, and discussed two case studies of fatalities caused by heat.

    7/20/2017: David Bates, AD, gave an OSHA Update to 73 attendees of the Mid Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network that addressed the following:

    • Electronic submission of injury & illness record
    • Extended to Dec 1, 2017
    • App is due on August 1, 2017
    • Ways to submit
    • Which employers need to submit
    • What forms to submit in 2017 and 2019
    • Updated New Heat App-OSHA/NIOSH
    • Trench safety training-OMCA Alliance Group to meet with all alliances
    • Executive Committee met to discuss emerging issues; training needs; Fact Sheets; Quick Cards; training tools
    • OSHA e-tools (through national STEPS alliance)
    • Transportation module added
    • Transporting personnel/equipment
    • Vehicle & equipment operations at well sites (ATVs & UTV)

    John Dyer, Oklahoma Department of Labor, gave an update on the new authority of the Public Employee Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) to issue penalties to employers working on state projects.

    Chance Odom, from Insurica, gave a presentation on Understanding the Experience Modifier Rating.

    8/17/2017: Bryan Fulton with Gaillardia Country Club gave a presentation about Job Safety Analysis

    David Bates, AD, talked about severe injury reporting and rapid Response Investigation process; the OSHA complaint process and the Whistleblower protection program.

    Betsey Kulakowski from the Oklahoma Safety Council provided a presentation about "The State of Safety: A Call to Action."

    10/19/2017: Dr. Angela Smith from TEAM Professional Services talked about office ergonomics.

    David Bates, AD, gave a full OSHA Update, including talk about Injury and Illness Tracking Application (ITA) and the 2018 National Stand down to Prevent falls in Construction.

    Jake Kirmey, Chesapeake Energy, talked about equipment adopted to track lone employees through the state of Oklahoma

    11/16/2017: Elections were held to elect the 2018 Executive Board.

    David Bates provided an OSHA Update.

    Kenny Baker, from Cactus Drilling, gave a presentation entitled: "The first step in stopping the job: Hazard Recognition."

    Oil and gas



























    Training and Education:
    Activity Type Activity Name/Summary OSHA Areas of Emphasis Supported Number Reached

    David Bates, ADS, and Jorge Delucca, CAS, were deployed to Texas for Hurricane Harvey response.

    Garrett Thornburg, Continental resources, gave a presentation on "Distracted driving personal testimony"

    Oil and gas




  4. Evaluations

    The alliance is effectively attracting members from major oil and gas companies and related organizations to its monthly meetings. Attendees to the meetings are receiving high quality presentations with lessons learned from other companies plus updates from the OSHA Area Director.

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    We are planning to invite a vendor of fall protection equipment to give a demonstration at the MCEPS meeting during the Falls Stand Down coming in May 2018