Region 6 - Alliance Annual Report - December 8, 2008

Alliance Annual Report
Mid-Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network (MCEPS), Energy
Training Council and Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association Alliance
December 8, 2008

  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed. September 9, 2007


    The Mid-Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network (MCEPS), Energy Training Council and Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association Alliance, promotes an awareness of safety, health and environmental issues and solutions in the exploration and production of oil and gas in the mid-continent region of Oklahoma. The goal of the Alliance is improved work site conditions and a reduction of work site fatalities and serious injuries through the delivery of safety training and education and the development and sharing of accident prevention programs by participants.

    Implementation Team Members:

    Joyce Ryel, MCEPS
    Kim Kohler, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association
    Mike Stovall, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association
    Heather Hartman, OSHA


    The original purpose of this alliance has melded into the Mid-Continent Exploration and Production Safety Network (MCEPS) organization, and it is through activities MCEPS that the goals and objectives of the Alliance are represented. Members of the alliance implementation team are officers in the MCEPS organization. MCEPS officers, meeting sponsors and presenters may be considered contributors to the alliance through their continuous participation and/or support of MCEPS organization.

    Evaluation Period:

    September 9, 2007 through December 8, 2008

  2. A. Meetings Before the Alliance signing

    Date Location Type of Meeting
    02-21-07 OIPA Office In-person
    03-29-07 OIPA Office In-person
    04-19-97 OIPA Office In-person
    05-24-07 OIPA Office In-person
    06-21-07 OIPA Office In-person
    10-18-07 OIPA Office In-person
    12-20-07 OIPA Office In-person
    01-17-08 MNTC-South Campus In-person
    07-17-08 FTTC-Portland Campus In-person

    *MCEPS Ad Hoc / Executive Committee meetings are comprised of Alliance Implementation Teams members and, as result, MCEPS committee meetings serve a dual role.

    B. *Implementation Team Meetings

    Date Location Type of Meeting
    10-18-07 OIPA Office In-person
    12-20-07 OIPA Office In-person
    01-17-08 MNTC-South Campus In-person
    07-17-08 FTTC-Portland Campus In-person
  3. Events and Products

    Training and Education

    • Events:

      During this defined evaluation period, there were 13 MCEPS industry meetings where a variety of topic were covered such as:

      Dealing with the Print Media OSHA Accidents
      SPCC Plans and Related Regulations Drivers Training
      DOT/PHMSA Regulation Update Common OSHA Myths
      Workers’ Compensation Issues/ Updates Safety Coaching
      Workers’ Compensation Basics Fall Protection
      Training in the Workplace-Panel Discussion
      Frac Tanks /Static Discharge Snake Bites
      Drug Awareness Hand Safety

      Mock (OSHA) Informal Conference

      Member of MCEPS / Alliance Implementation Team provided training on “plugging operations” to members of the Oklahoma City OSHA Area Office compliance staff, Little Rock Area Office compliance staff, Oklahoma Department of Labor-OSHA Consultation, and training coordinators with the Oklahoma Career Technology Business & Industry Division.

      Approximately 15 MCEP/ Alliance Implementation Team members participate in an oil & gas curriculum development meeting at the University of Central Oklahoma. The Director of Industrial Safety Occupational & Technology Education requested input and arrange for a ½ day development meeting.

    • Products:

      With the consent of presenters at MCEPS meeting, ppt presentations are provided by e-mail to meeting participants / members for their use.

    Outreach and Communication

    • Events:

      MCEPS member spoke at the Oklahoma State Management Council about MCEPS.

      Three members of MCEPS/Alliance Implementation Team spoke about MCEPS at the Oklahoma Safety Council’s annual 2008 Safety and Health Conference in Tulsa, OK.

      MCEPS member spoke at 3 contractor safety meetings of an exploration company about MCEPS.

      MCEPS member company’s newsletter featured an article about MCEPS.

      MCEPS member spoke to a UCO college class of students pursing degrees in safety about Oil and Gas safety and MCEPS.

      Scheduled a MCEPS outreach meeting December 11 at Woodward Technology Center with oil and gas

    • Products:

      MCEPS developed an organization “logo” for use in correspondence / with any future products etc.

      The following information was provided by the Oklahoma City OSHA Area Office in follow-up to subjects raised during MCEPS meetings, in response to phone queries by individuals in the oil & gas industry or subjects raised at other alliance meetings also applicable to the oil & gas industry, and then provided to the MCEPS president for e-mail distribution to meeting participants and MCEPS members:

      Data/description of fatality incidents
      Data/description of violations cited by OKC AO inspection activity
      Data/description of 5(a)(1) violations cited by OKC AO

      Follow-up clarifying and/or explanatory information related to:
      Material Handling Equipment Powered Industrial Trucks
      Coverage of Temporary Workers Fall Protection
      PPE Payment Rule Eyewash Facilities
      Lockout/Tagout 1910.147 Handrails 1910.24
      Recordkeeping Issues 1904
      Application of Industry Consensus Standards/Guidelines
      Multi-Employer Policy
      Compliance Responsibilities With A Change In Company Ownership

      News article (OIPA) on OSHA’s Inspection Process / Oil & Gas REP

      News article about MCEPS in the Daily Oklahoman Newspaper

    Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health

    • Events:

      Member of MCEPS / Alliance Implementation Team attended the 2008 OSHA Region VI Oil & Gas Safety Conference in Houston, Texas Dec 2-.

    • Products:

      Member of MCEPS / Alliance Implementation Team is in the early stages of assembling a local committee to evaluate and develop safe practices for preventing fires/ explosions associated with static buildup in frac tanks. Any results of that effort would have regional impact since participants in MCEPS operate throughout the Mid-Continent (TX, OK., KS).

      Three (3) members of MCEPS attended / participated in a meeting following the OSHA Region VI Oil & Gas Safety Conference about forming a “national” networking organization.

      Member of MCEPS helped establish a similar safety networking organization to MCEPS in Colorado.

  4. Results

    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached and/or Trained
    Monthly MCEPS meetings attendance 40
    Electronic Distribution (Follow-up info) 600
    Print (OIPA newsletter article) 1700
    Training (Plugging operations) 25
    Conference (OSC Annual S & H Conf) 30
    Print (Corporate newsletter article) 8000
    Safety Meeting (Company contractor meetings) 175 (contractors)
    Conference (Oklahoma State Management Council) 60
    College class 60
    Total Reached and/or Trained 10,690
  5. Upcoming Milestones

    For CY 2009 the principle goal is to expand participation in MCEPs by the Energy Industry with an emphasis on reaching smaller producers, operators and servicing companies and facilitating SHE training opportunities.