Region 5 - Annual Alliance Report - August 1, 2016

Annual Alliance Report

U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Region V OSHA Office
Consulate General of the Ecuador in Chicago, Illinois

August, 2016

  1. Alliance Background


    1. Date Signed:


      August 28, 2014

    2. Evaluation Period:


      August 28, 2015 through August 29, 2016

    3. Overview:


      The Alliance with the Consulate General of Ecuador was established to facilitate fostering cooperative relationships for such purposes as, training and education, outreach and communication, and promoting a national dialogue on workplace safety and health.

      The Participants intentions are to establish a collaborative relationship to provide Ecuadorian workers information, guidance, and access to education and training resources to promote workers’ rights in protecting their occupational safety and health, and to help them understand U.S. domestic law on the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act).

    4. Implementation Team Members:


      Occupational Safety and Health Administration

      Nick Walters
      Regional Administrator, Region V
      Darnell Crenshaw
      Assistant Regional Administrator Region V
      Lisa Sciolaro
      Labor Liaison, Region V
      Andres Saldana
      Region V Alliance Program Manager, Region V

      Consulate General of the Ecuador

      Catalina Rosa Landivar Guerrero
      Vice Consul of the Ecuador Consulate
  2. Implementation Team Meetings


    • May 12 2016: An Implementation Team Meeting was held at the office of OSHA on May 12, 2016. Participants: Darnell Crenshaw, Chicago Assistant Regional Administrator, Andres Saldana, Regional Safety & Health Manager, and Lisa Scialaro, Region V Labor Liaison, and Catalina Landivar, Vice Consul of Ecuador. The group reviewed the outcome of the collaboration since the Alliance was signed, and discussed opportunities to build on the work done.
  3. Activities and Products


    Training and Education

    • Contacts established with Region V Susan Harwood Grantees allowed the Consulate of Ecuador to host three training sessions on safety in the workplace and employer--employees’ rights and responsibilities:
      • January 30: OSHA Fall Prevention Training
      • Februay 24: OSHA 10 Training for General Industries
      • February 27 & 28: OSHA 10 Training for Construction Workers
    • The Chicago Regional Office and Vice Consul of Ecuador continue to participate in several worker rights roundtable discussions on developing and implementing strategies to connect more effectively various federal and state agencies with vulnerable workers.
    • The Consulate of Ecuador hosted an information session in April with U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division/OSC for the Consular Corps and delegates from OSHA and other local federal and state agencies.
    • The Consulate of Ecuador hosted labor rights clinics with an OSHA Susan Harwood Grantee on March 16 and Abril 20. Other dates scheduled: May 18, and June 15 had to be cancelled due to Consulate of Ecuador engagement in Ecuador earthquake emergency relief efforts
    • The Consulate of Ecuador hosted a labor rights clinic on June 24 with representatives of OSHA and NLRB to interact with Ecuadorians.


    Outreach and Communication


    • The Chicago Regional office participated during a Labor rights week at the Consulate of Ecuador on September 17 & 19, 2015 which presented information about worker rights under OSHA, handed out publications and answered questions the Ecuador constituent workers had.
    • On October 29, 2015 the Consulate of Ecuador attended a Sexual Harrasment and Violence in the Workplace event invited by OSHA
    • On June 11, 2016 the Consulate of Ecuador attended a Symposium on Violence Prevention in the workplace at the Consulate of Mexico in Chicago. Event co-sponsored by OSHA


    Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health


    • The Chicago Acting Assistant Regional Administrator and Program Manager attended a consular outreach service, and ceremony for the 207th anniversary of the Declaration of Ecuador Independence on August 10, 2016.
  4. Results


    • Through the joint efforts of the Alliance, the Consulate General of Ecuador now has greater access to OSHA outreach information and publications for the Ecuadorian workers in Region V; while OSHA Region V has gained access to a previously untapped channel of outreach and communication with workers in the seven-state jurisdiction of the Consulate of Ecuador.
    • OSHA’s continued efforts to reach at-risk workers remains a paramount goal.
    • The Consulate of Ecuador’s ability to provide assistance/referrals to those workers in need has greatly increased with this alliance, for example:
      • N.N. restaurant worker who was injured in NY, relocated to IL. Thanks to the coordination achieved via the Region V Liaison with Region II Liaison, N.N. was able to receive workers comp wages, medical assistance, while the employer was fined and monitored to ensure safer conditions for those employed there.
      • N.N. in IL restaurant worker who was experiencing wage theft. An investigation was initiated, restaurant owner found at fault, and employees awarded restitution and damages.
      • N.N. in IL construction worker severely injured in the workplace referred to proper agencies for investigation.
    • Those construction workers attending OSHA 10 trainings are better prepared to identify unsafe work conditions, to know what are the workers’ rights, and to know where to report. As a side, but important, benefit for workers, some have reported a raise in wages subsequent to taking the classes.
    • Approximately 120 people have participated in the several OSHA trainings since 2014.
  5. Upcoming Milestones


    • The Alliance plans to reestablish its collaborative efforts to renew the Alliance.
    • A focus will be based on expanding outreach assistance to Ecuadorian nationals in other states, such as Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
    • Jointly continuing:
      • Promotion of occupational safety and health for the Ecuadorian community in Region V.
      • Participation in mobile consulate events.
      • Participation in consulate activities during the year.
      • Participation in outreach and education events