Region 5 - Alliance Annual Report - May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010

  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed.

    April 16, 2008

    Alliance Overview.

    The alliance was developed to use collective expertise in order to help advance a culture of accident prevention while sharing information, guidance, best practices, access to training resources and technical knowledge that will help protect employees’ safety and health. In particular, the Alliance focuses on, but not limited to, efforts to reach members of the LCCA through outreach on safety and health issues.

    Implementation Team Members.

    Tim Penno, Executive Director of the Lake County Contractors Association
    Fred Rodheim, Chair of the Safety Committee, Lake County Contractors Association
    Nancy Hauter, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA (Transferred to NO 7/09)
    Jake Scott, Team Leader, OSHA
    Gary Weil, Compliance Officer, OSHA

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    May 27, 2009 – Safety Committee Meeting LCCA Office, Waukegan, IL.
    June 9, 2009 - LCCA/OSHA/Abbott Joint Safety Day, North Chicago, IL.
    August 20, 2009 – Safety Committee Meeting – LCCA Office Waukegan, IL.
    October 7, 2009 - Safety Committee Meeting – LCCA Office Waukegan, IL.
    December 8, 2009 - Safety Committee Meeting – LCCA Office Libertyville, IL.
    January 20, 2010 - Safety Committee Meeting – LCCA Office Waukegan, IL.
    February 25, 2010 – Annual Award Ceremony Grayslake, IL.
    March 24, 2010 – Safety Committee Meeting – LCCA Office Waukegan, IL.

  3. Activities and Products

    Evaluation Period.

    This report covers the time period of April 23, 2009 to April 23, 2010.

    Alliance Activity.
    • Training and Education
      • Joint Safety Day, June 9, 2009
      • Cranes and Rigging in Construction
      • OSHA 10 hour courses
      • First Aid Training/CPR
    • Outreach and Communication
      • Email blast alerts sent out regarding safety recalls or other safety and health issues.
    • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health
      • Updating webpage to highlight safety services
      • Completed foreman safety manual.
    Alliance Products.
    • Training and Education
      • Lake County Contractor Safety and Health Program. Program has been tailored to specific company needs when requested.
      • Joint Safety the topic was Cranes and Rigging.
      • Tool Box Talks resources for members.
      • Foreman Safety Manual completed
      • Continually updating webpage to highlight safety resources.
      • Video library for safety and health issues. Library has been updated with DVDs in multiple languages for members use.
    • Outreach and Communication
      • Joint Safety Day.
      • An OSHA Update was provided at majority of safety committee meetings.
      • Safety Awards Program
      • Participate in the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council’s annual Safety Expo as an exhibitor.
    • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health
      • LCCA members know OSHA is available to them to answer questions. Members frequently call the Area Office requesting information and technical assistance.
      • LCCA issues a monthly newsletter that contains safety articles.
  4. Results

    One measure of the effectiveness of our program is the results of our Safety Awards program. In 2009, 37 member companies received an award and 28 of these had zero loss work days. This was up from 27 in 2008. In addition, the number of members who had LWD ratios better than the national average for their type of construction industry has also increased.

    The Abbott Laboratories-LCCA-OSHA Safety Day is providing an opportunity to expand our safety message by attracting non-member contractors to the free training program that is subsidized by Abbott and LCCA. The safety day also provides and opportunity for OSHA Compliance Officers to attend the training.
    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals
    Reached or Trained
    Joint Safety Day – Cranes and Rigging 134
    Recalls emailed 1,000
    OSHA 10-Hour 119
    First Aid/CPR 54
    TOTAL 1,307

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    The organization has recently renewed the Alliance for two more years. Both implementation team members and general members of the organization find the alliance a useful tool in protecting the safety and health of contractors in Lake County Illinois.
    Going forward there are several items on the agenda including:
    • Begin a discussion on what subject to include on the 2011 Joint safety day.
    • Tool box talks linked to the website.
    • Continue to evaluate safety award criteria.
    • Update website to highlight all safety services available.
    • OSHA staff to participate in LCCA sponsored 10 hour courses.
    Report Prepared by: Tim Penno, Fred Rodheim, Gary Weil, Jake Scott

    For more information, contact the Office of Outreach Services and Alliances at 202-693-2340 or go to OSHA's website.