Region 4 - Alliance Annual Report - March 11, 2011

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Georgia Struck-by Alliance Annual Report

MARCH 11, 2011

  1. Alliance Background:

    Date Signed:

    December 5, 2006


    OSHA, Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia Federal Highway Administration, Georgia Highway Construction Administration, Georgia Utility Contractors Association, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Tech Research Institute, 3M, Georgia Branch – Associated General Contractors, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, and Georgia Power formed an Alliance to share their collective expertise and to foster a culture of injury and illness prevention focused on the prevention of work zone and struck-by hazards.
  2. Implementation Team Memberships and Contributors:

    The implementation team included representatives from all of the Alliance participants. Implementation team meetings were conducted as scheduled on following dates: 1/19/2010, 2/17/2010, 5/19/2010, 6/1/2010, 6/30/2010, 8/4/2010, 9/14/2010 and 10/19/2010.

    Evaluation Period
  3. Events and Products

    Training and Education

    • On November 9, 2009, the Alliance group coordinated a state-wide safety stand down. During the safety stand down, construction sites across Georgia were encouraged to stop work and conduct an hour long work zone safety training presentation (focused on the prevention of struck-by accidents). The group also developed an informational flyer for the event and a toolbox talk (in both English and Spanish). The event was supported by 63 construction firms and school, which impacted a total of 20,900 employees.
    • The group developed an informational flyer and a toolbox talk (in both English and Spanish) for the safety stand down.
    Outreach and Communications


    • A member of the Alliance group conducted a presentation on work zone safety during the National Work Zone Awareness Week in 2010.
    • On April 20 – 21, 2010, OSHA 10-hour training was provided to Construction Career Technology students at Adairsville High School. A total of 71 students were trained during this event.
    • The Alliance group posted billboards throughout Georgia (Northside and 10th Street – Atlanta, Brunswick, Augusta and Savannah) to promote the new state law, which bans texting and driving (message: R-U-In-text-i-Cated).
    • During this period an e-blast text message was distributed, by the Alliance group. The safety and health message targeted recent safety stand down participants and warned workers about hazards associated with working in hot weather.
    • In October 2010, a member of the Alliance group conducted a presentation on the GA Struck-by Alliance during a local Georgia Utility Contractors Association (GUCA) meeting.
    • In August 4, 2010, the Alliance group sponsored a contest to develop a Georgia Struck by Alliance logo, which is used to promote the group’s events and activities.
    • An OSHA news release was issued regarding the safety stand down on November 9, 2010 -
    Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health

    • None
    • None
  4. Results

    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.)

    Number of Individuals Reached or Trained

    R-U-In-text-i-Cated billboards posted at Northside and 10th Street – Atlanta, Georgia.  


     R-U-In-text-i-Cated billboards posted in Brunswick, Georgia.


     R-U-In-text-i-Cated billboards posted in Augusta, Georgia.


     R-U-In-text-i-Cated billboards posted in Savannah, Georgia.


     Work zone safety stand down conducted on November 9, 2009.


     OSHA 10-hour training was provided to Construction Career Technology students at Adairsville High School.




  5. Upcoming Milestones FY 2011:
    • Renew the Georgia Struck-by Alliance and expand the group’s membership.
    • Obtain proclamation from Georgia governor regarding National Work Zone Awareness Week.
    • Conduct and promote and a state-wide text-free week, this event would target employers throughout Georgia.
    • Conduct work zone safety poster contest for youth, in conjunction with the Georgia Youth Alliance and the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA).
    • Provide vehicle simulator for to CEFGA for the CareerExpo, which demonstrates the hazards of texting and driving to youth.
    • Work with participating employers and organizations to distribute distracted-driver safety articles.
    • Developing a Facebook page for the Georgia Struck-by Alliance.
    • Work with the Alabama Struck-by Alliance group to develop and implement a safety stand down in Alabama, focused on work zone safety.
    Report prepared by Tom Bosley, Regional Alliance Coordinator

    For more information, contact the Office of Outreach Services and Alliances at 202-693-2340 or go to OSHA.