Region 3 - Alliance Annual Report - August 31, 2016

Philadelphia Regional Office ~ Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia, PA
August 31, 2016

  1. Alliance Background


    Date Signed: August 31, 2015

    Scheduled Renewed: August 31, 2017 (tentative)

    Alliance Overview: Standardization of the Consulate of Mexico International template, the overview is for the Participants to establish a collaborative relationship to provide Mexican nationals and others in Pennsylvania and Delaware information, guidance, and access to education and training resources to promote workers' rights in protecting their occupational safety and health, and to help them understand U.S. domestic law on the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act).

    Evaluation Period: July 2, 2015 – April 14, 2016 (return to original anniversary date from 2011)

    Implementation Team Members:

    Consulate of Mexico on Philadelphia:
    Jorge Armando Tuddón Meza, Head of the Protection and Legal Affairs Department
    Adriana Clarisa Casa Medina, Protection Services & Legal Affairs
    Yarazetd Mendoza-Camargo, Institute for Mexicans Abroad
    Alejandra Elideth Olivares Patiño, Departamento de Protección, Labor and Civil Affairs

    Occupational Safety and Health Administration:
    Isabel DeOliveira, OSHA Regional Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS)

    Carlos Giralt-Cabrales, Consul of Mexico Philadelphia
    Richard Mendelson, OSHA Regional Administrator
    Maria Armstrong, Compliance Officer, OSHA Wilmington Area Office
    Yudy Calixto, Coordinator of Ventanilla de Salud
    Dale Glacken, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA Harrisburg Area Office
    Dalia Nichols, Compliance Officer, OSHA Wilmington Area Office
    Christopher Robinson, Area Director, OSHA Pittsburgh Area Office
    Elizabeth Zimmer, USDOL Wage and Hour Division, Community Outreach and Resource Planning Specialist (CORPS)

  2. Implementation Team Meetings


    First Implementation Team Meeting July 14, 2015: Mexican Consulate/Bourse Building: Implementation team discussed the goals for upcoming year including the scheduling of the Labor Rights week and BiNational Health Week Events.

    Second Implementation Team Meeting November, 2015: Implementation Team discussed continuing the monthly Consulate monthly talks (charlas) in the Consulate waiting area.

    Third Implementation Team Meeting March 15, 2016 Mexican Consulate/Bourse Building: Implementation team discussed the goals including resigning the Alliance, upcoming 2015 Labor Rights week and Bi-National events. OHSA shared Spanish publications for OSHA's National Falls Safety Stand down to Prevent Falls Campaign May 4- 12, 2015 to be shared and distributed with workers.

  3. Activities and Products


    Alliance Activity

    • Training and Education


      In August and September 2015, the Philadelphia Regional Office Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS) participated in numerous Mexican Consulate of Philadelphia "Labor Rights Week" events. OSHA representative provided training for Mexican Nationals on Heat Stress and Workers Rights in small “Information Sessions” also known as charlas. The small speeches are repeated to the ever-changing small groups (10-15 people) as the Mexican Nationals wait for their documents on an hourly basis.

      In February, 2016 OSHA provided an OSHA update on Infection control to clinic staff and facility administrators at la Comunidad Hispana in Kennett Square, PA in support of the Alliance with Consulate of Mexico. CAS presented and discussed information relating to OSHAs Health Care initiatives, bloodborne pathogens, workplace violence, Zika virus resources, recordkeeping - reporting requirements, and worker rights including temporary (perdiem) workers.

    • Outreach and Communication


      Mobile Consulates: During this evaluation period, OSHA provided outreach and communication at “Mobile Consulates” conducted in various locations throughout Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At these Saturday events, OSHA and Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division (WHD) provided bi-lingual representatives to answer to questions posed concerning safety and health and wage related issues. Informational resource tables were provided with publication provided in both English and Spanish. OSHA also used these events to promote employee rights, employer responsibilities and the OSHA inspection, complaint, whistleblower procedures. Special emphasis on Heat Illness prevention and Fall Prevention Campaigns were highlighted in the appropriate months. OSHA describes temporary worker rights and staffing agency responsibilities at most events. OSHA continues to provide representatives for the Consulate's “Mobile Consulates” on the weekend as this has been determined to be a successful means to engage the Mexican community concerning labor issues.

      In 2015/2016, OSHA participated in the following outreaches:
      Newark, Delaware July 11, 2015 – OSHA reached 250 workers
      Harrisburg, Pennsylvania July 25, 2015 – OSHA reached 200 workers
      Dover, Delaware October 3, 2015 – OSHA reached 200 workers
      Gettysburg, Pennsylvania November 7, 2015 – OSHA reached 200 workers
      Lebanon, Pennsylvania – OSHA reached 100 workers
      Newark/Bear, Delaware February 6, 2016 – OSHA reached 250 workers
      Vineland, New Jersey February 27, 2016 – OSHA reached 250 workers
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania April 2, 2016 – OSHA reached 250 workers

    Worker Outreach in Consulate office space:

    OSHA presented information on workers' rights, how to make a complaint while workers waited for their Consulate documents. OSHA also answered questions and provided publications and other compliance assistance resources.

    July, 2015 – 75 workers reached
    August, 2015 – 50 workers reached * Labor Rights Week
    September, 2015 – 80 workers reached * Labor Rights Week
    November, 2015 - 80 workers reached
    January, 2016 - 70 workers reached
    February, 2016 - 75 workers reached
    March, 2016 - 100 workers reached *International Working Woman's Day
    April, 2016 - 90 workers in attendance * Anti-defamation League presentation

    • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health

      On July 14, 2015 at the Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia - In support of the current Alliance, OSHA participated in a Community Leaders networking session and luncheon (Almuerzo con líderes y socios comunitarios). OSHA shared information on OSHA, workers' rights and upcoming national campaign outreach event (like Labor Rights week). There were an estimate 25 communities leaders in attendance and 75 workers impacted.

      On August 31, 2015 at the Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia, OSHA signed the Alliance renewal documents during this year's Labor Rights Week. This year's theme is "I have rights in the workplace! / ¡Tengo derechos en el trabajo¡". DOL representatives provided outreach that focused on increasing awareness and informing workers and employers about their rights and responsibilities under U.S. labor laws. OSHA answered questions about Fall protection and personal protective equipment.

      During another labor rights week event, OSHA received complaint from multiple employees of a laundry processing facility. Complaint items included National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Wage and Hour Division (WHD) items.

      On September 13, 2015 at the Mexican Independence Day Festival OSHA supported the Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia Alliance when provided information on workers and employers rights and responsibilities under U.S. labor laws.

      During October 2015, BiNational Health Fair, OSHA presenting information on workers' rights. OSHA answered questions about hazard communication training, temporary staffing agency responsibilities and use of personal protective equipment (ppe) for the exposures.

    Alliance Products

    While no specific products were produced by the participants, both consistently promoted and shared OSHA and DOL Spanish language resources including the monthly USDOL – Spanish newsletter distribution (Promoviendo la Seguridad en el Trabajo).

  4. Results July 2, 2015 – April 14, 2016


    The Alliance had an effective fifth year. The Participants worked closely together to reach the Mexican and other Spanish speaking stakeholders through a variety of different venues.

    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
    Labor Rights Week Events (3)


    Community outreach – la Comunidad Hispana training on workplace Rights including


    Mobile Consulates (8) *Compliance assistance weekend outreach activities


    Consulate Outreach – platicas (6)


    BiNational Health Week events (3)


    Media (radio, television) – Consulate periodically conducts radio broadcasts (DE, NJ, PA) where they promote US DOL worker rights


    USDOL – Spanish newsletter distribution (Promoviendo la Seguridad en el Trabajo)




  5. Upcoming Milestones


    The Participants have agreed to continue the Regional Alliance agreement through September, 2017.

    Report Prepared by: Isabel DeOliveira, Regional Compliance Assistance Specialist, Philadelphia OSHA Regional Office.

    For more information, contact the Office of Outreach Services and Alliances at 202-693-2340 or go to