Region 1 - Alliance Agreement - June 17, 2003

Construction Safety Roundtable Members
Of Eastern Massachusetts
June 17, 2003

The Construction Safety Roundtable (CSR), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continue to strive to meet customer needs by providing information, assistance, and training that will enable employers, employees, and trainees to successfully eliminate and reduce the hazards associated with working in the construction industry.

The Construction Safety Roundtable and OSHA recognize the value that successful safety and health management systems add to a work site, and the impact of using a cooperative approach between OSHA, management, and labor. The Construction Safety Roundtable and OSHA agree to use their collective expertise to help foster a culture of prevention while sharing best practices and technical knowledge by:

  • Creating an alliance to foster and promote occupational safety and health through mutual effort and cooperation of management, labor, and OSHA.
  • Establishing lines of communication between OSHA ,The Construction Safety Roundtable, and related Companies that will encourage cooperation with OSHA, foster understanding of the safety and health needs of the members and allow the exchange of technical information and safe work practices associated with working in the complex construction industry.
  • Promoting the use of OSHA's outreach services, including consultation, training, technical assistance.

The Construction Safety Roundtable and OSHA will work together to achieve the following outreach and communication goals:

  • Exchange technical information and safe work practices.
  • Update Roundtable members regarding OSHA procedures and policy issues at monthly Roundtable meetings.
  • Use existing safety and health communication tools, including web sites, newsletters, outreach, and conference exhibits.
  • Provide workshop instruction at monthly Roundtable meetings.
  • Provide access to OSHA’s Compliance Assistance Specialists and the Massachusetts Consultation Program and establish links with OSHA Area Offices.

The Construction Safety Roundtable and OSHA will also work together to effect the following training and education goals:

  • Provide instruction on construction safety and health hazards to member companies’ through their representatives to the Roundtable.
  • Invite representatives of the Massachusetts Consultation Program, on a periodic basis, to participate as guest speakers at the monthly Roundtable meetings.

An implementation team made up of representatives of The Construction Safety Roundtable and OSHA will meet at least quarterly to achieve the goals of the Alliance. Additional team members may be brought in as needed to assist with technical matters or special projects. The implementation team will determine Alliance procedures, identify the roles and responsibilities of the participants, track, analyze and share information on activities and results, and meet at least annually to evaluate the effectiveness of the agreement.

This agreement will remain in effect for one year from the date of signing and will automatically be renewed annually thereafter. This agreement may be modified at any time with the concurrence of the signatories. Any member for any reason may terminate their membership in the Roundtable with 30 days written notice.

Brenda Gordon
Area Director
OSHA Area Office, Braintree, MA
Richard Fazzio
Area Director
OSHA Area Office, Methuen, MA

Glenn E. Narrow, CSP
Assistant Vice President
Senior Risk Control Specialist
Aon Risk Services, Inc.
James J. Rodger
Corporate Safety Director
Barletta Engineering/Heavy Division

Edward Dowd
Retired Fire Fighter
Boston Fire Department
John K. Donnelly
Sr. Vice President
Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.

Joseph R. Farrell, III
Sr. Vice President
Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.
Clayton A. Morin
EH & Director
Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.

Patrick E. Jamieson
Safety Superintendent
Bowdoin Construction Corp.
Neil Andrews
C & N Associates

Alfred F. Mirabito
Corporate Safety Director
H. Carr & Son’s, Inc.
Bob Tuman
Compensation Claims Review Corp.

John E. Morelli
Safety Director
CorJen Construction, LLP
Scott R. Sattler
Director of Safety
Cutler Associates, Inc.

Chuck Amaral
Health & Safety Supervisor
CYN Environmental Services
Lori Corsi
Accounting Manager/Insurance Admin.
Dimeo Construction Company

Kevin Currier
Chief Financial Officer
Dimeo Construction Company
Donald Upchurch
Safety Officer
Dimeo Construction Company

Peter F. Kerrigan
Safety & Health Director
James W. Flett Company, Inc.
John P. O’Donovan
Corporate Safety Director
Gilbane Building Company

John Foody
Safety Administer
Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.
Jim Gardner
Director of Construction
Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.

John Murphy
Corporate Safety Director
Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.
Daniel B. Harvey
Director of Loss Control
J.C. Higgins Corp.

Michael E. Boyle
Safety Director
Lee Kennedy Company, Inc.
Lee Michael Kennedy
Lee Kennedy Company, Inc.

Christopher Pennie
General Superintendent
Lee Kennedy Company, Inc.
Mary E. Vogel
Executive Director
Labor-Management Construction Safety
Alliance, Inc.

J. Gregory Pender
CSP, Technical Consultant
Liberty Mutual Group
Timothy J. Bergeron
CSP, Safety Consultant-Construction Services
Marsh USA, Inc.

Robert McLaren
Senior Vice President of Business
Massachusetts Electric Company
A National Grid Company
Fred Eliot
Safety Manager
T.J. McCartney, Incorporated

Timothy C. Toth
Safety Director
Middlesex Corporation
Richard O. Willey
Corporate Safety Director
Methuen Construction Company, Inc.

Daniel F. McDavitt
Director of Safety
Payton Construction Corporation
Jane B. Beaudry
Skanska USA Building, Inc. New England

Norm O'Brien
Senior Safety Manager
Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Neil R. Webster
Senior Safety Manager
Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Lawrence Douglas
Project Manager
SPEC Process Engineering and
Construction, Inc.
Stephen C. Voorhis
Risk Control Specialist Construction
The St Paul Companies

Gregory Walkowski
Construction Safety
Stop & Shop Supermarkets
Daniel Della-Giustina, CSP
Manager Manager of Safety and Risk Control
Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.

Joel C. Pickering
Corporate Safety Manager
Trevi Icos Corporation
Dave Matthes
Corporate Safety Director
J.F. White Contracting Co.

Peter T. White
J.F. White Contracting
Thomas A. Rich
Health & Safety Officer
T.R. White Company, Inc.

Ray Stafford
Safety Manager
R. Zoppo Corporation
Eric Lambert
Senior Risk Engineering Consult
Zurich North America

Harald D. Carlson, Sr.
Construction Risk Engineer
Zurich Risk Services Corporation
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