LIA - Alliance Close-out Report - March 29, 2018

OSHA and the Laser Institute of American (LIA)
Alliance Closeout Report

On August 9, 2005, OSHA and the LIA formed an Alliance to provide information and training resources to help protect employees' health and safety by reducing and preventing exposure to laser beam and non-beam hazards in industrial and medical workplaces. In addition, OSHA and LIA shared resources on laser regulations, biological effects on the eyes and skin, and safety program control measures for lasers. The Alliance was renewed in August 22, 2007, May 8, 2012, and December 18, 2014 to continue to work together in this area.

OSHA and LIA agreed to conclude the agreement as of March 2018. A number of successes have resulted from OSHA and LIA. For example:

  • LIA developing a range of informational fact sheets for employers and workers, including one on establishing a laser safety program in healthcare facilities, and one on the hazards associated with using high-power welders and cutters in manufacturing and other workplaces. LIA developed three additional fact sheets for employers on understanding and controlling laser hazards, and the biological effects of laser exposure on the human eye and skin.
  • LIA created a "Laser Safety Information Bulletin" to help educate new laser users on the concerns and issues related to laser safety.
  • LIA also developed resources and provided technical training to assist OSHA's staff, including a set of questions to ask while inspecting facilities that use lasers, and a Laser Safety "Best Practices" Seminar. LIA has provided 26 seminars to 660 OSHA, State Plan, and On-Site Consultation staff.
  • LIA routinely promoted OSHA's initiatives and outreach campaigns, such as Safety & Sound Week.
  • LIA provided opportunities for OSHA to staff Alliance exhibits where the organization disseminated OSHA's publications and LIA's Alliance-developed products at LIA's annual conferences between 2006 and 2017.

Report Prepared by: Morgan Seuberling, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist, Office of Outreach Services and Alliances, March 29, 2018.