ISEA - Alliance Close-out Report - September 9, 2005

OSHA and International Safety Equipment (ISEA) Alliance Close-Out Report

On September 9, 2003, OSHA and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) formed an Alliance focusing on promoting worker safety and health in heavy construction workplaces by providing construction workers and supervisors with information and guidance to help protect employees' health and safety. In particular, the Alliance focused on raising the awareness of the importance of proper selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment. In addition, the agreement addressed a number of areas, including promoting communication between ISEA and its members and OSHA personnel, including Compliance Assistance Specialists, and working with other Alliance participants on construction industry projects addressed and developed through the Alliance Program.

Due to the change in the association's strategic focus and their limited resources to develop materials and products to meet the goals of the Alliance, OSHA and ISEA agreed to conclude the Alliance as of September 9, 2005. However, ISEA may consider developing Alliances with OSHA's Regional and Area Offices.

The following successes resulted from the OSHA and ISEA's work together to meet the Alliance's goals:

  • ISEA representatives participated in the Alliance Construction Roundtable for construction-related national Alliances on July 8, 2004.
  • Paula White, Director, Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs provided an update on OSHA's cooperative programs, including the OSHA and ISEA Alliance on April 27, 2004 to 80 attendees during the ISEA Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.
  • On February 16-20, 2004, Roberto Sanchez, OSHA's Region IV Birmingham, Alabama Area Office Director and ISEA worked together to staff the ISEA Concrete Safety Station in the outdoor demonstration area during the World of Concrete 2004 in Orlando, Florida.
  • ISEA distributed written materials to the attendees, including a Fact Sheet on the Alliance Program and OSHA's cooperative programs at the 2003 ISEA Fall Meeting in Washington, DC.

Report prepared by: Jess McCluer, Alliance Coordinator, Office of Outreach Services and Alliances, September 1, 2005