APCA - Alliance Annual Report - October 23, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
and the American Pipeline Contractors Association (APCA)
October 23, 2017

  1. Alliance Background

    1. Date Signed

      January 25, 2007

    2. Dates Renewed

      February 25, 2009

      January 30, 2012

      October 15, 2015

    3. Evaluation Period

      October 1, 2016-September 30, 2017

    4. Alliance Overview and Goals

      The OSHA and APCA Alliance focuses on providing APCA members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help to protect the health and safety of workers, particularly by continuing to promote a culture of safety within the pipeline construction industry, including small businesses and non-English and limited English speaking employees, and to reduce workplace incidents and prevent worker exposures to hazards such as those associated with equipment operation (e.g. bulldozer, excavator and sideboom), trenching and excavation, hydrostatic testing, and distracted driving.

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    • 3/27/2017
    • 8/9/2017

    In addition to these formal meetings, the Alliance coordinators from both groups maintained regular contact throughout the reporting period to monitor the Alliance's progress and results.

  3. Results of Alliance Activities in Support of Agreement Goals

    Dissemination: Alliance Program participant shared information on agency-developed or OSHA Alliance Program-developed tools and resources, OSHA standards/rulemakings, enforcement, and outreach campaigns.

    These tables are best viewed on tablets, notebooks, or desktop computer screens.

    Dissemination Type Date Description Emphasis Areas* Number Reached
    Website 10/1/16-9/30/17 Alliance Webpage-OSHA Website Small Business, Silica, Heat Illness, Fall Protection 1,578
    Website 10/1/16-9/30/17 Alliance Webpage-Participant Website Small Business, Silica, Heat Illness, Fall Protection Not Available
    Website 4/20/2017 Posted new OSHA resources for safe and sound campaign Safety and Health Programs Not Available
    Website 9/29/2017 Posted information and resources on hurricane recovery and cleanup Hurricane Outreach Not Available
    Email blast 11/3/2016 Injury and Illnesses reporting Record Keeping 250
    Email blast 10/1/2016 Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs Safety and Health Programs 250
    Email blast 11/17/2017 Final rule updating walking-working surfaces and establishing personal fall protection systems requirements Walking-Working Surfaces 250
    Email blast 12/1/2016 OSHA QuickTakes Submissions   1,500
    E-mail Blast 3/21/2017 OSHA's Falls in Construction outreach Fall Prevention 250
    E-mail Blast 3/21/2017 OSHA Outreach focusing on Heat Illness Prevention Heat Illness Prevention 250
    Email Blast 3/21/2017 OSHA's National Safe and Sound Outreach Safety and Health Programs 250
    Email blast 3/27/2017 OSHA's Free training - UT Arlington free OSHA Classes   250
    Email Blast 3/27/2017 National Safety Council Addiction Cost Calculator   250
    Other Email 4/6/2017 Updates on training dates provided by OSHA and Houston fall prevention day on April 25th Construction
    Fall Prevention
    Other Email 4/6/2017 Silica for Construction enforcement date delayed Silica 250
    News Release 4/6/2017 News Release from OSHA: OSHA to delay enforcing crystalline silica standard in the construction industry. Silica 250
    Other Email 4/17/2017 OSHA Updates and construction-related incidents FY 2016 Fall Prevention 250
    News Release 4/18/2017 2017 National stand-down infographics Video Promotion Fall Prevention 250
    Newsletter 4/20/2017 OSHA Quarterly update on new compliance assistance resources   250
    Other Email 4/24/2017 2017 Construction Fall Prevention campaign and National Safety Stand-down with OSHA information. Fall Prevention 500
    Print Publication 5/16/2017 QuickTakes Newsletter   500
    News Release 5/4/2017 4th Annual National Falls Prevention Safety Stand-down Falls Prevention 500
    News Release 5/17/2017 Recordkeeping and Reporting announcement that reporting has been extended to a later date Recordkeeping/Reporting 250
    Other Email 5/19/2017 Safe and Sound Week Webinar on May 23rd Safe and Sound Week Outreach 250
    News Release 5/23/2017 NUCA Trenching Safety Stand Down Trenching Outreach 250
    Newsletter 6/1/2017 How employers keep workers safe from the heat Heat Illness Prevention 500
    News Release 6/1/2017 OSHA announces inaugural Safe and Sound Week Safe and Sound Week Outreach 250
    News Release 6/2/2017 OSHA announces June is National Safety Month Construction 250
    News Release 6/10/2017 Safe and Sound Week Kickoff Safe and Sound Week Outreach 250
    News Release 6/10/2017 Heat awareness App to download Heat illness prevention 500
    Newsletter 6/15/2017 OSHA QuickTakes   500
    News Release 6/22/2017 Stakeholder meeting regarding VPP   250
    News Release 6/23/2017 OSHA issues proposed rule on beryllium standard Beryllium Outreach 250
    News Release 6/26/2017 News Release "Water, Rest and Shade" Heat illness prevention 250
    News Release 6/28/2017 Proposed delay in Electronic reporting requirements Recordkeeping/Reporting 250
    Other Email 6/29/2017 Information on free 10 hour OSHA classes in Texas   250
    Other Email 7/1/2017 CPWR Hazard Alert Focusing on Heat Hazards Heat Illness Prevention 250
    News Release 7/3/2017 OSHA announces policy change on monorail hoist in construction Construction 250
    Newsletter 7/3/2017 OSHA QuickTakes   250
    Newsletter 7/13/2017 Quarterly update on Compliance Assistance Resources   250
    News Release 7/14/2017 Susan Howard Training grants to support workers safety and health   250
    Other Email 7/14/2017 OSHA launches application to electronically submit injury and illness date on August 1 Recordkeeping/Reporting 250
    Other Email 7/17/2017 Heat Resources Heat Illness Prevention 250
    News Release 7/21/2017 OSHA order reinstate of Wages in Whistleblower case   250
    Other Email 7/24/2017 Safety recall by Genie Industries on aerial lifts   250
    Other Email 7/25/2017 OSHA Materials on Silica, air bag recall, SIC and NAICS data, and the OSHA regulatory agenda Silica 250
    News Release 7/28/2017 OSHA updates its online whistleblower complaint form   250
    News Release 8/14/2017 OSHA to hold second public meeting suggestions for growing and strengthening VPP   250
    Newsletter 8/15/2017 OSHA QuickTakes   250
    Newsletter 8/24/2017 OSHA Regulation Updates, eReporting rule, the Crane Operating Training Rule, Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica Proposal, OSHA Regulatory Agenda and OSHA's Outreach for Safety & Health Program Management. Silica Safety and Health Programs 250
    News Release 8/31/2017 OSHA issues proposed rule to extend deadline for crane operators   250
    Other Email 9/1/2017 Disseminated information and resources on Hurricane Harvey recovery and cleanup Hurricane Outreach 250
    Other Email 9/29/2017 Memorandum on silica enforcement Silica 250
    TOTAL   16,578

    Speeches, Presentations, Exhibits and Other Events: Alliance Program participant or OSHA participation in events which includes speeches/presentations, exhibits, roundtables, conferences, informational webinars or other meetings.

    These tables are best viewed on tablets, notebooks, or desktop computer screens.

    Activity Type Date Event Name Participant Name(s) and Affiliation(s) Title Of Presentation (if applicable) City State Emphasis Areas* Number Reached
    Speech/ Presentation 9/22/2016 APCA Safety Team Meeting James Shelton, Region 6, OSHA "OSHA Updates" Houston TX Walking-Working Surfaces, Silica, Fall Protection, Record Keeping 30
    Event 3/16/2017 Alliance Construction roundtable Marilyn Cole N/A Washington DC Fall Prevention 1
    Speech/ Presentation 8/24/2017 APCA Safety Team Meeting Jim Shelton, Region 6, OSHA OSHA Updates on Regulations Houston TX Crane Operating Training, Silica, and Record Keeping 7
    TOTAL   38

    Other Training: Alliance Program participant provided free training for workers/employers/others through the Alliance Program..

    These tables are best viewed on tablets, notebooks, or desktop computer screens.

    Training Type Date Name/Title of Trainer Training Title Audience: OSHA, State Plan, Onsite Consultation City State Emphasis Areas* Number Reached
    Other 5/8/2017 Richard Hampton, Safety Director Ladder Safety and common Ladder safety rules Construction jobsite Casper, WY Falls Prevention 47
    Other 5/8/2017 Kevin Pilgrim, Safety Manager Fall Protection Pipeline construction job Houston TX Falls Prevention 27
    Other 5/12/2017 Kevin Pilgrim, Safety Manager Fall Protection Pipeline Construction job Casper WY Falls Prevention 18
    Other 5/12/2017 Rigo Garcia, Foreman Slips, Trips and Falls Pipeline construction River Junction TX Falls Prevention 16
    Other 5/11/2017 Mike Welch, Superintendent Fall Protection Pipeline construction Port Arthur TX Falls Prevention 36
    Other 5/8/2017 Tim Johnson Fall Protection/Stand down for falls in construction Pipeline construction Aliquippa PA Falls Prevention 174
    Other 5/8/2017 Matthew Miller Safety Manger Falls in construction Pipeline Construction Manassas VA Falls Prevention 84
    Other 5/9/2017 Matthew Miller Safety Manger Falls in Construction Pipeline Construction Kathy TX Falls Prevention 76
    Other 5/10/2017 Matthew Miller Safety Manger Falls in Construction Pipeline Construction Wharton TX Falls Prevention 47
    Other 5/10/2017 Miles Hester VP of Safety Falls in Construction Pipeline Construction Delhi LA Falls Prevention 10
    Other 5/11/2017 Miles Hester VP of Safety Falls in Construction Pipeline Construction Amite LA Falls Prevention 31
    Other 5/12/2017 Miles Hester VP of Safety Falls in Construction Pipeline Construction Wellington KS Falls Prevention 10
    Other 5/8/2017 Sam Arredondo Fall Protection, 3 points of contact, and ladder safety in Construction Pipeline Construction Rosebush MI Falls Prevention 216
    Other 6/15/2017 Jim Shelton Trenching and Shoring APCA OSHA Alliance Houston TX Construction 24
    TOTAL   816
  4. Alliance Developed Products

Report prepared by: Morgan Seuberling, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist, Office of Outreach Services and Alliances, October 23, 2017