AGSP - Alliance Close-Out Report - April 24, 2018

OSHA and the Airline Ground Safety Panel (AGSP)
Alliance Closeout Report

On May 20, 2008, OSHA and the AGSP formed an Alliance to provide information, guidance, and training resources to help protect employees' health and safety by reducing and preventing occupational exposure to slips, trips and falls, extreme temperatures, falling objects, amputations, vehicular accidents, and ergonomic issues in the airline industry. The Alliance was renewed in October 10, 2012, and April 8, 2015 to continue to work together to address these areas.

Based on discussions regarding the future of the Alliance, OSHA and AGSP agreed to conclude the agreement as of April 24, 2018. A number of successes have resulted from the OSHA and AGSP Alliance. For example:

  • AGSP developed 15 toolbox talks and fact sheets discussing best practices for using Baggage Tugs and Carts, Beltloaders, Pushback Vehicles, and High Lift Trucks in their workplace. The resources addressed topics including slips, trips and falls; falling objects; amputations; vehicular accidents; and ergonomic hazards in the airline industry. AGSP also created a toolbox talk for their employees on OSHA's revised Hazard Communication standard.
  • AGSP developed five guidance documents, including one on cold and heat illness identification, one on distracted driving by airline employees on the ramp and airport roadways, and the other three on the fundamental functions of airline vehicles.
  • AGSP did a Case Study on hazards associated with the operation of High-Lift Box Trucks.
  • AGSP routinely promoted OSHA's initiatives and outreach campaigns, such as Safe+Sound Week and Heat Illness Prevention.
  • AGSP provided opportunities for OSHA to staff Alliance exhibits annually at conferences between 2009 and 2017 to disseminate OSHA's publications and AGSP's Alliance-developed products.
  • Over the course of the Alliance, the AGSP disseminated information and resources to reach over 1.6 million individuals in the airline industry.

Report Prepared by: Morgan Seuberling, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist, Office of Outreach Services and Alliances, April 24, 2018.