NACOSH Temporary Worker Workgroup Meeting
May 9, 2014 2pm - 4pm


Workgroup members:  Peg Seminario, Jim Johnston, Mark Carleson, Bill Bunn, Lida Ortez, Joe VanHouten, Jackie Agnew, Rixio Medina, Anne Soiza, Peter Dooley

OSHA staff: Mandy Edens, Michelle Walker, Marisa Johnson, Erick Kampert

SOL:  Sarah Shortall

NIOSH:  Roger Rosa, Janice Scott Blanton

Public LaTanya James-Rouse, America Staffing Association

Updates were given by OSHA's Directorate of Enforcement Programs on outreach efforts including their join product with NIOSH on best practices. OSHA's Directorate of Construction gave an update on ACCSH's recent temporary worker workgroup meetings and its report (which was shared with NACOSH)

Some ideas/points discussed during the call included:

  • Getting policy statements from the NSC to inform the workgroup's deliberations
  • Possibility of getting a draft of OSHA's best practices document before it becomes final so that the workgroup can provide input. Initial response was that this would be made available to the committee.
  • Need for clarity around OSHA's requirements for recordkeeping in regards to temporary workers
  • The need to examine what are the different employment sources for temporary workers; workers may be coming from staffing associations, contract companies, or other undefined sources. We discussed the need to assure inclusion of workers and advocates in programs.
  • Adding other data fields to OSHA 301 logs to capture information on temporary workers
  • Possibilities for discussion between OSHA and BLS to examine ways to get additional data on temporary workers
  • Increasing education to temporary workers/staffing associations, etc. by possibly using other groups such as   Susan Harwood training grants, etc..,  to develop materials and provide training.  Also the need to ensure that training is provided before the work is initiated.
  • Enhancing outreach by going to the Human Resources Community or the Procurement community rather than focusing only on staffing associations or other safety and health groups
  • Coordinating more closely with ACCSH's temporary worker workgroup

Next steps:

  • Work to obtain draft of OSHA's best practice documents (Mandy will work through DEP and OSHA's Chief of Staff to get a copy for review)
  • Workgroup Chair will reach out to ACCSH to coordinate future collaboration (Peter Dooley)
  • Workgroup Chair will develop workgroup report and share with workgroup for comment (Peter Dooley)
  • Peter Dooley and Mandy Edens will work to schedule another workgroup teleconference call  and develop a targeted agenda before the next full committee meeting.  Mandy will also reach out to BLS to see if they can participate.
  • Mandy Edens/Michelle Walker will work to make sure that the workgroup is made aware of any temporary worker bulletins/facts sheet / other materials issued by the agency.
  • Mandy Edens/Michelle Walker will be reaching out to the full committee to schedule a meeting of the full committee (possibly in September].