Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health
Training and Outreach Workgroup


The Training and Outreach workgroup met on May 7,2014 to discuss propose amendment to the OSHA # 502 course titled Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers. The workgroups charter was to review the existing course outline and identify areas where the Training Objectives (TO) and Enabling Objectives (EO) could either be adjusted or modified to meet trainer needs.

Workgroup meeting was facilitated by Co-Chairs, Kevin Cannon, Laurie Shadrick and Jerry Rivera. Directorate of Construction staff present during the workgroup meeting were Dean McKenzie, Damon Bonneau and Charles Harvey. Members of the public attendance recorded via sign in sheet.


It was agreed by workgroup members and member ofthe public present that the current # 502 does not add value to instructors. Many reported that the OSHA # 502 is perceived by current instructors as a repeat of the OSHA # 500 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry. Concerns with the current outline were shared by many and alternatives to program update were suggested. Below are just a few of the suggestions by workgroup participants:

  1. Requiring instructors to meet CEU requirements
  2. Send annual updates to instructors on regulatory changes
  3. Education Centers to maintain a list of active and non-active instructors to determine alternative recertification requirements for both groups
  4. Integrate an online evaluation form
  5. Shorten the course from 3 days to a 1 day program
  6. Follow current industry practice on recertification
  7. Summary version of OSHA # 502 online

While workgroup and public participants could not agree on an approach for modifying existing Teaching and Enabling Objects, all participants agreed that the course content needs to be reengineered to meet current instructors needs.

Based on the workgroup activity and input from the general public the Training and Outreach Work group would like to propose the following motion:

The Training and Outreach Workgroup recommends that ACCSH and OTt staff meet to evaluate current Training and Enabling objective of the OSHA # 502.