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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Panorama

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) virtual reality room is provided below. This is a QuickTime VR Panorama. If you already have QuickTime and are familiar with navigating a virtual panorama, then you are ready to begin your tour. Otherwise you will need the following viewing instructions.

Intensive Care Units exist in many areas, this panorama is a Caridiac ICU and consists of these rooms:

ICU Room
ICU Room

[276 KB QuickTime VR*]

ICU Unit
ICU Unit

[470 KB QuickTime VR*]

Additional Option:

Viewing Instructions

  • QuickTime Virtual Reality (VR) technology is used to create virtual reality panoramic rooms. Some room views are 360 degrees, others less.

  • To view the rooms the QuickTime browser plug-in (see below), must be downloaded first. It can be viewed with your browser.

  • After one of these movies loads into your browser window, click and drag on it to move the image around to see the entire room. Use the shift key to zoom in, control to zoom out, hot spot key will show highlighted areas that you can click on.

**Panorama viewing requires QuickTime Virtual Reality or equivalent and is not supported by Microsoft Video Player.

Accessibility Assistance: Contact the OSHA Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management at (202) 693-2300 for assistance accessing QuickTime VR materials.

*These files are provided for downloading.

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