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Checklist of Highlighted Hazards in Administration

Instructions: Complete this checklist to help you assess workplace hazards. 

  • A "N/A" (Not Applicable) response indicates that this question does not apply to your workplace. 
  • A "Consider" answer may indicate that a problem may exist. Refer to the appropriate section of the eTool for assistance and ideas about how to analyze and control the problem. (All "Consider" answers will be added to the printable "report" for future consideration.)

1 - Employee/Employer Rights Checklist

a. Is the OSHA Workplace Poster, displayed in an appropriate place where employees and applicants for employment can see it? [29 CFR 1903.2 - Posting of Notice, Availability of the Act, Regulations and Applicable Standards]
Are employees being informed of the protections and obligations provided for in the OSH Act of 1970?

2 - Recordkeeping Checklist

a. Is information being recorded on OSHA 300, 301, 300A, logs for work-related injury and illnesses? [29 CFR 1904.7-1904.12 - Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries Standard]

3 - Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records Checklist

a. Is access to employee exposure and medical records being provided to employees and their designated representatives? [29 CFR 1910.1020 - Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records Standard]


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