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Health Effects

Health Effects Repetitive Motions


Flexed Wrist
  • Performing hand intensive tasks with a bent wrist creates considerable stress on the tendons and their sheaths as they are bent across the harder bones and ligaments which make up the outside structure of the wrist.

    • As the fingers are activated the tendon slides through the sheath and over the hard parts of the bent wrist pinching the sheath between the tendon and these hard entities.

      • Repetitive finger activations in these postures can create wear and tear on the tendon and the sheath.
    • Prolonged forceful finger exertions in these postures can stretch and fray the tendon and create contact trauma to the sheath.
    This wear and tear, fraying, or contact trauma can create irritation and swelling which may lead to tendonitis, Tenosynovitis, and potentially Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Health Effects Reaching/Lifting:

Horizontal Reaches

Reaching Behind
  • Repeatedly lifting the arms or repeatedly reaching can irritate the tendons or bursa of the shoulder leading to Bursitis or Rotator Cuff Tendonitis. Supporting or lifting a load with the arm elevated or extended can lead to injuries such as muscle strain or rotator cuff tears.

  • Working with the arms in an elevated posture or behind the back can lead to impingement injuries such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

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